1 arrest buy no time served question

I recently just applied for msc and did my sf-86 for security clearance. I have a question about it though.
It was a question on there that asked about arrests and i was honest and straightforward on it. I got arrested for a small amount weed while being in the car with friends back in 2020. I never was sentenced i never was convicted or tried i never had to serve time for this. They put me on a pti for a few monthd after I completed community service and paying some fees then they dismissed the charge. I had to surrender my twic badge at the time and did so. I fast forward to 2023 and i try to renew my twic and it got revoked i was contact with a senior investigator from us coast guard and he told me as long as i can hold a twic i am in good standing with coast guard and government. Will any of this make them deny my security clearance?? I have no other priors no other arrest i never had a warrant i never been to jail or arrested on any other occasion i never been involved with any on going investigation or anything like that. Literally just that 1 arrest.

I cannot say if this one arrest would lead to a denial.

What were the charges? What led to the arrest? Trafficking? Possession? Have you had drug use (including weed) in the past 7 years? Do you still associate with persons involved in illegal activities? There are many factors to consider. I do not expect you to answer these on this forum, just things to think about and to show it’s not a simple Yes/No.

Mind you i had to do fingerprints for my twic card and i passed that im holding a twic right now and in good standing with US coast guard. I haven’t been involved arounf or arrested since then. With the information i provided to you will this stop me from getting a security clearance??

Its all right here. And i haven’t been arrested since. I hold a twiccard right now aswell.

I don’t know of anyone on this forum who is going to be able to give you a yes or no answer. Most are not adjudicators, and even an experienced adjudicator is not going to give a definitive answer based on such limited information.

And even if you got a “yes, this will be a denial” or “No, you’re good to go” what would it matter? Your paperwork has been filed, its out of your hands. Deep breathe and wait for the result. Answers on a forum aren’t gonna change the result.

It is hard to tell. Lots of other questions to be asked. Were you in the coast guard when this happenned? How old were you when it happened? What changes in your life have happened since the drug arrest?

No i wasnt in the coast guard but i had twic card when this happened. This was back in 2020 and that was my only arrest ever. Nothing before nothing after. And i havent had a single arrest or run in with the police since. It was back in 2020 i learned my lesson and never looked back.