400+ days candidates, how are you holding up?


Now I personally don’t have a problem with this and I wish my current employers never knew, but aren’t you supposed to call when you have any changes to the SF86? Like address changes, employment changes, etc.? That’s what I assumed. Investigators came out to talk to my bosses, so there was no way of hiding it.


Yeah, sorry to hear that.

In my case, I switched jobs for normal career reasons right after the BI was completed. I informed the government each time my employment has changed, but it seems that when it happens after the BI, they do not go and question the new employers.


I guess I still have some days before catching up to you. I am at 378 and I know that is sounding low. Its sad how crazy it is taking! I just want to go to work! My dead end job I am working at right now is driving me crazy.


703 days since the start of processing my SF86
655 days since FS Poly
325 days since personal security interview.
2nd Interview scheduled here in a few weeks.

LONG wait and I’m already cleared at the SCI level through DoD so no, reciprocity in my case has not sped anything up.


I guess this is my fate…Once the NBIB gets done with the interviewing part it will go to DOD. I heard as of late its like a black hole!


22 months since COE. 660 days or so I guess, give or take. TS/SCI and Single-Scope
06/2016 COE, SF-86, Fingerprints
08/2016 Polygraph on-site
09/2016 Friend interviewed
2/2017 BI interview, local friends contacted
05/2017 More info on medical background requested, returned info to them
Nothing since then

I haven’t even updated work info to them. I started working part-time after the BI interview that February, then switched part-time jobs about two months ago again. Emailed my applicant adviser today asking what the process is if I get an EOD and I’m in graduate school at the time and want to finish the degree, since I’ve applied and been accepted to a masters program.


I’ve had some changes to my SF86, but still haven’t called to update them. My BI has been done since August 2017, or so I assume since no one at the agency seems to know. Is it a requirement to give them updates? I never met with anyone there to discuss the SF86, so I don’t know.


I am an older first-time security clearance applicant for an intel analyst position with an IC agency. I first applied online in November 2015. I did the poly and security interview in October 2016 and then my BI started in December 2016. I’d like to know if anyone has a similar experience and also if it is reasonable to call my POC every few months to check in on my status.


Can’t speak to your exact scenario, but when it takes YEARS to get a clearance, I think HR is fine with you checking in every now and again to make sure you didn’t miss something.


Any updates? I know its been 25 days since you made this post.


No new updates. 460 days :frowning:


I feel for you man! This Friday will mark 400 days for me! I just want my clearance to go defend this country! ARGHHH!


august 2016 was interviewed by December 2016 all my references contacted and file went up
and on november2017 an sor was sent to me to fill up and on February contacted by an attorney
that she will will send me a package to bring to hearing now 04/18 nothing being sent and just waiting who to contact ? what to do?


You have a hearing scheduled for 4/18 and you don’t have a copy of the government’s case? Show up at the hearing and tell the judge that they have not provided you with documentation of the issues being presented against you.

Better yet . . . Show up with a lawyer . . .


I interviewed for a IC position in Feb. 2015 and received a COE in April 2015. Already completed BI (2016) , poly/phych stuff (2015). I last had to send some information in October 2017. Tick tock tick tock :slight_smile: Good luck to the rest of you guys still waiting.


Today marks my 400 day! I am finally in the club! I cannot believe I am saying this! Well, I guess soon you will have to make a 500+ club!


Weird question/situation: I was previously diagnosed as alcohol dependent BUT my treatment recommendations only involved moderated consumption. With the new Adjudicative Guidelines that now use alcohol use disorder as opposed to abuse/dependence, what’s the deal with this situation? I’m completely confused.


I think if you are complying with treatment recommendations, and you don’t have any incidents, then it should be OK. But I am by no means an expert.


You have a treatment plan that involves “moderate consumption” . . . That doesn’t sound like “normal and customary” treatment and MAY not be considered enough by an adjudicator.


True, I did find that a little strange but it says what it says. From the Guideline G section:

“(d) the individual has successfully completed a treatment program along with any required aftercare, and has demonstrated a clear and established pattern of modified consumption or abstinence in accordance with treatment recommendations.”

This guidance does not distinguish between abuse and dependence. Now it is an “alcohol use disorder.”