Accident from 2010 Went To ADR

I completely forgot this but my wife has a longer memory then me.

In 2010 I was in an accident that went to ADR (alternate dispute resolution), my wife brought this up while she was interviewed. Now I need to do fact finding on it cause I hardly recall the events. All I know is they other person was going after Geico, we (the claimant, myself, GEICO, and a mediator or arbitrator) had a meeting in an office one day, and they setlled and my premiums didn’t go up. Wasn’t in the meeting the whole time just at for an interview with and the final decision which I think wound up be 50/50 fault.

Does not mentioning this on my SF-86 or interview make me look bad, it never went to court, we did mediation or arbitration and it ended. It’s also not something I would want to hide, I don’t care I just forgot and didn’t think it fit into anyof the questions on the SF-86.

I’m not sure where this would even come up on the SP86. It’s a civil matter, not a criminal one, it went to arbitration, not a trial and you were the plaintiff not the defendant. But, since your wife brought it up, they likely just want to verify the things that I just stated.

As long as everything is like you say, I don’t think that leaving it off will hurt. There’s nothing there that you would want to hind and people makes mistakes on these forms every day.


Concur Ed. The system isn’t designed or intended as a “gotcha” thing. Provide any and all info you have and I would not worry about it. Had this been a DUI, you are the defendant, multiple injuries, deaths, lots of damage and you forgot to report you were sued…that would be a concern. Routine civil matters are allowed to play out to conclusion.

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Thank you Ed! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being negligent on the form in a way that could be seen as dishonest.

Not worried about it as an incident just don’t want to be seen as an integrity issue in the SF-86 and subject interview. My interpretion of the question would havem meant I got sued in court.

Just having fun trying to get the other person’s name from the police department were I filed the report now.

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