Adjudication chart on OPM site

The chart indicates the adjudication time for Top Secret is 10 days. However on the discussion boards not one that I can find has indicated that their adjudication has taken only 10 days. It is just the opposite ( 3 months to years ). Where did they get the 10 day timeline on the above chart ? The chart on the OPM site.

I could see 10 days if you haven’t lived anywhere or done anything EVER. 10?? That’s EXTREMELY short in my opinion.

That is what the chart says on the OPM site for the 4 th quarter of 2018. Maybe that is what they show who ever they show the stats

OPM’s adjudications are pretty quick BUT they only do their own national security cases (OPM employees and OPM contractors) and certain public trust cases for Agencies that contract OPM to adjudicate their cases.

The bulk of people in here are adjudicated through CAF (DoD), DoS, or the IC agencies - which do their own adjudications.

On average how long does an DOD take to adjudicate

That depends if you have an average situation with no significant concerns/issues. That’s too broad a statement in IMHO. A standard case with no issues likely won’t take long at all. Is there something in your situation that has you concerned?

No not at all, I was just curious because some seem to get adjudication quickly and others according to the discussion take substantially longer. I’m hoping mine will be done way before 90 days.

Let it ride. If there are issues, that’s when it takes longer.

I’m just impatient like everyone else on this site I guess.