Adjudication Completed - Determination Null?

Can someone help me out deciphering this?

Personal Interview 12/17
Package deadline 12/17 Sent “priority”
T5 CA Considered 1/18 (I understand from other discussions that this is a timer that, regardless of open action investigative items, this must close by a certain date…please correct me if I am wrong.)
T5 investigation closed 7/18

LOGGED: 7/18 - Adjudication completed with a determination of null 4/18.

(8/18 (late in the month) The contractor sponsoring my clearance indicated they are still awaiting my favorable adjudication and provided no further details.

What is a “determination of null”? Why did it come up in April but was not logged until July? Then the investigation closed. Did it go to Adjudication and then perhaps get kicked back down? Or did that CA Considered timer expire? And, most importantly, where is it now?

Did you ever get an answer? I’m in the same boat

I received adjudication 2 mos. before my sponsoring agency was aware of it. I had found out through another entity and had to advise my sponsoring agency. So…who knows…

I never received an answer, but my experience ended up the same as chas1133. Almost exactly 2 months after it was marked in the system, my employer received notice of a favorable adjudication. Not sure why it takes so long to pass through whatever channels it passes through.

Did you ever find out what your “CA Considered” was for, or what was holding it up?

Did any events transpire between your “CA considered” on 1/18 and the date when your case was closed (I guess that was in April)? I.e. were you reinterviewed or something?