Adjudication Timeline

@ForeverCoding they are probably on this board reading all of your messages.

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lmikelowrey, how long was it from the investigation closing to receiving the SoR?

Well that is great news, congratulations! Just when you thought you couldn’t wait any longer, you get the notice. Awesome.

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It was about 16 months later, if the investigation really closed when the investigator said it did. I’m sure part of the long delay was because of my file going to DOHA, getting assigned and contacting me. Soon after I got the SOR and responded my clearance was granted.

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My interim clearance was issued to me two weeks after I submitted my e-Qip

lmikelowrey, your issues were solely financial, right? Were there a lot of financial issues?

There were a few dings on my record. The SOR was all related to financial. A few accounts that had gone to collections, and was a pretty large amount. I’d rather not specify any further on a public forum.

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I never recieved a SOR. I find this odd. What is a SOR anyways?

Ill make a more detailed post later but:
I filled out my EQIP in in June 2017. Met with investigator in June 2018 (he mentioned I got dinged for foreign family in asia as well as some following info needed for his case file). I then never heard anything until yesterday Dec 2018 that my clearance went through.

The details in the email stated:
Clearance: Secret
Investigation Level: T3
investigation closed: Nov 2018
clearance granted by OPM in Dec 2018
Investigating Agency: DOD CAF


That is great. Your process went along fairly quickly considering the delays that are out there. A SOR is a statement of Reasons for an intent to deny the clearance. If they find enough derogatory information during your investigation, then they reach out to you with a SOR stating the reasons they intend to deny your clearance. You can then make a response on the written record, or request a decision by an administrative judge and go to court. I defended my case on the written record, explained why I incurred debt and what I’m doing about it, and my clearance was granted soon after. The fact you never got an SOR is a good thing.


Any recent updates? I recently separated from the DoD, and I am getting a TS reinvestigation.
E-Quip: 2016!!
Interview: July 18
BI closed: Nov 18
Still awaiting adjudication.
I see some of you are waiting on adjudication as well, but no updates for a month or so. I applied and was accepted for a contractor gig, with a start date 2 weeks ago. Noone can figure out why its taking so long, especially since I have no known issues and have maintained DoD standards for 20+ years.

If this is a reinvestigation, you should be good to work. Am I missing something?

I retired from the military, and got a new job. Because my investigation has been going on so long, the new DoD org cannot gain me in JPAS until its adjudicated.

My reinvestigation has taken so long that I cannot transfer to a new job. I started my E-Qip as directed by my SSO 6 months after my 5 year mark, due to backlog. The investigation has taken over 2 years, in fact it took from Jan 17 to August 18 for me to get an interview. Now, its been 60 days since the BI closed and it’s still not adjudicated. Because it is so old (My last adjudicationwas in 2011), the new DoD org I have been hired to work for cannot gain me in JPAS.

My last adjudication was in 2011 as well. If you didn’t have any issues, I’m not sure why it would have taken so long.

I took so long because it wasn’t even assigned to a BI until July 18, even though I submitted my E-Qip in Dec 2015/Jan 2016. The investigator even commented that she was shocked when she “pulled the file.” There was very little to discuss outside of the required questions. my meeting with the BI lasted about 15 minutes. The BI was closed about 3 months later. At this point, my assumption is that reinvestigations are on backburner for new investigations?? I was not the oldest file in my immediate workcenter, by a longshot. If I had remained employed by the DoD I dont think it would be an issue.

That is terrible to read. I am sorry you are in this boat. Sure hope continuous evaluation alleviates some of this.

Hey Jon84,

Any mitigating issues that for which you are aware regarding your clearance?


Can anybody with a user and password login to the EHSS ( Applicant Tracking System)? If I login what type of information will I see?

I don’t know Dadon. I have never used the EHSS.

Is this for FSP clearances. I was called for my poly off waitlist, then 2 days later, the investigation started. Investigator called last week and said he was closing my BI…