Adjudicative Guidelines A, B, & C

How is security being compromised? Are you saying people born outside of the US, who are naturalized citizens somehow go through less scrutiny? Yeah, let’s not even accept them into clandestine roles, we’ll use google translate instead of native linguists, save some money along the way. Besides, only damn foreigners sell their adopted country. Where were Robert Hanssen and Aldridge Aims born?


The biggest flag I saw was the omitted/overlooked was the father in law being a Russian Air Force member. How did that slide by the CI/BI/Army SF screeners?

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But in the end of the day…
Does not exactly look like a high profile spy case. They were after army field manuals… Given $1000 and a bottle of cognac? Please…
I guess someone really, really needed to convict a Russian spy during the election campaign.

That’s the thing: It doesn’t have to be “high profile” to trigger an arrest.

Debbins lied about a lot in his background and it has come to light. Now he gets to pay for it.

If the authorities focus only on arresting high-profile suspected persons, then that tells the low-profile people, “It’s okay, you can get away with lying on your security forms and presenting yourself as a low-level, yet constant threat to US national security.”

Even the low-level, lazy types like Debbins provide useful “lessons learned” in counterintelligence and PERSEC. Whether those lessons learned are applied to shoring up security is another matter.

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Robert Hanssen did not have a foreign spouse or relatives. Yet, he spied for the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation for well over 20 years. Different things motivate people and it can be hard to pin down what those motives are. There will always be spies because humans are malleable given the right circumstances. The U.S. recruits spies and has for a long long time…its the nature of the business. Lets not forget about Ana Montes, former DIA spy.

I mean did you read the indictment? This guy was recruited by Russian intelligence in 96 two years before he joined the US army and then proceeded to provide them whatever they wanted for near twenty years.

This is not acceptable in the slightest! They also mentioned in the PR that they recently arrested a Chinese spy, since you seem more concerned about the implications of a particular political party than of the security of our nation.

I’m not sure how you got that at all from what I said or why you are creating arguments to argue against. Again, I couldn’t hold a cleared position in Russia or China. Why is America supposed to be any different?

There should be more scrutiny of alot of different people. Sorry that it offends or worries you.

USA has been build on idea of multinational coexistence. There are over 3,000,000 of Russians, almost 4,500,000 of Chinese, almost 4,000,000 of Indians, over 57,000,000 from Latin America live here in USA. Those numbers are astonishing! Government need the cultural knowledge and language expertise of the immigrants in order to maintain national safety. How could you not have fed employees with multinational background??
On other hand Russia, China, India, Mexico considered monoculture countries. Those countries have no such extensive immigration, so they don’t have fed employees from US origin just because there are barely any American immigrants living there.

You’re again, creating arguments that I’ve never raised. This has nothing to do with India or Mexico or any other nation that doesn’t regularly try to spy on us or influence our democracy with the goal of harming us or “cutting us down to size” like this guy.

Stop trying to gas light or play dumb. Russia is literally paying people overseas to attack US soldiers. China has literally been attributed to a bunch of attacks on our infrastructure.

You raised this argument with @Dima.
Do you even read what you posting???

Not once did I mention India. Not once did I mention Mexico or Latin America. You’re intentionally muddying the waters trying to draw false equivalence to those countries as if they are at all like China or Russia who plots and schemes against our country every day. Stop.

And I gave you just two names of Americans born in the good old US of A who caused the most damage to the American interests, giving out military and human asset secrets to the foreign powers. But you wouldn’t want these two to be investigated as thorough as people from other countries because, well…they wouldn’t sell out.

Of course I didn’t mean to imply that the low profile spy wasn’t worth of arrest or a news headline. What bizarre is why authorities waited that long to arrest the guy. Do you know how he got arrested? They called him to come for another line of questioning. He went and got locked up. It wasn’t catch-a-spy-red-handed type of arrest at all…

Obviously you missed this:

Foreign-born naturalized US citizens do get a lot more scrutiny, not only before they get cleared the first time but also after they are cleared. And it is not so much a factor that their loyalty is in question, more that it is well known that they can be prime targets for hostile intelligence services.

As for using google translate… oй, не спрашивай


That wasn’t bad @sbusquirrel :slight_smile:. Maybe google translate is the way to go.

Can you imagine google translation for something like😏
ё-моё, ёпрст, ёклмн, ёкарный бабай ну и т.д. и т.п :woozy_face:

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I hope it would understand Ё!!!

Or how about:Ёшкин_кот


I didn’t know about «Большая российская четвёрка» :joy:

Just goes to show…humans…are always a crap shoot. Their rank, position, education, family…job…none of that insulates humans from leaning towards a foreign country. I can’t see doing that 20 years and not having it eat me up on the inside. Polys are stressfilled hours and hours of my life. Can’t imagine going in, knowing not only do I have a lot to hide…the very reason you are polygraphing me…is to detect and stop me.

Could it be we knew and watched him for 20 years to learn how the Russians operate over time? Pre corona I might think that. Now, knowing we could not create billions of masks, bleach, etc in face of Corona and yet in WW II we could crank out thousands of tanks, aircraft, etc…maybe now not so much.