After 3.5 years waiting...just got approved!

You got cleared for a TS with all of these issues? Wow.

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What issues? Drug history? I know of plenty of people that have worse drug history than mine and have a TS. I know of people who have done drugs as recently as 6 months prior to applying for TS and got approved.

I’m not sure why people think doing drugs is such a horrible thing and will prevent you from getting a clearance.

What they want to see is if you cleaned up, why and how, but just simple doing blow or smoking pot is definitely not an indicator of negative character issues. Well if you feel otherwise, let me be clear that you are a dinosaur.

I guess you also believe that people who have hand, neck and face tattoos cant be trusted.


Well, probably because you are applying for a job that requires the trust of the federal government, and “doing drugs” constitutes breaking federal law. It’s not such a far jump in mindset from “I don’t think drugs should be illegal, so I will do them” to think “I don’t agree that this material should be kept secret, so I will leak it”. I think the government has every right to base character judgments on how you behave when faced with rules you disagree with.


If you don’t think that “doing blow or smoking pot” is dangerous and shows poor judgement, you’re a fool and have been seriously misled. If you think that doing drugs is such a wonderful thing (as opposed to a “horrible thing”, trying living next door to (or with) a heavy user. Take a hard look at what the money that you are spending is supporting and take a good hard, long, look at what some of the people that you are forced to associate with are doing.

You’re right, when, why and how you cleaned up is important and makes a difference. But, that’s because the drug use IS a strongly negative statement about character and security. Adjudicators don’t want to hear that you cleaned up because you were going to apply for a clearance, for example. This makes is too likely that you will go back to using after you clear. But, the same applies to alcohol and financial issues.

I’d like to see the people who you know that used six months before applying for a clearance. The general consensus here is that this is far to recent. So, whoever you know are rare examples and very likely have some special circumstances that allowed them to get by.

Hand, neck and face tattoos? Can’t be trusted? “Can’t” is too strong a word but, yes, I will question the judgement of those people. Yes, I have ink of my own.


Actually I think your trolling us…
I don’t believe for one second that your telling the truth. LOL, people that do blow and smoke pot as recently as 6 months getting a TS. Maybe if they omitted it on the SF86. You will not get a Public Trust if you did coke in the last 6 months and you admit to it.

Nice try but I am not buying what your selling.


Waste of time to answer someone like this…I wish this site would require a clearance as well as the jobs site…

Hi! Thanks for posting this template. I think you commented a couple of times on a post a made a few months ago. I called the agency that is currently processing me and ended up speaking with my recruiter’s boss. Within two hours of speaking with them, my recruiter called me back and let me know that security had everything and I would be getting a call in a few weeks to set up my appointment for my poly. I was also asked several times if I had questions/additional questions. I was told I would hear something definitive by December. My BI just reached out to me shortly after and I met with them last week. I’m still waiting for the call to make the appointment… but am seriously considering calling back and saying “It’s been a month, when can we schedule this?” I don’t know if frequent calls help or not.

Thanks again for posting the template, I hope I won’t ever have to use it. :slight_smile:


Its posted in this thread.

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@Batdog123, thank you. I really appreciate this!

No problem! Just want the best for everyone! I think you are far enough enough in waiting that this can’t hurt.

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@Batdog123, you’re right. Time to put on the big boy pants…lol

I used to think doing drugs wasn’t a big deal, then I got caught. Still kept doing them (there’s the poor judgment) until on probation until my dirty drug test and got sent to prison. Even did drugs for a few years after that. Then spent the next 6 years working and going to school and eventually got my degree in chemistry. Also received 3 NASA research grants followed by NASA internship at AFRC. Currently in the process of getting my felony dropped to a misdemeanor via California prop 47 followed by an expungement and a restoration of my firearm rights. Been wanting to apply for the DOE for over a decade and even if relieving my criminal record process go well plus all my achievements there’s a chance I’m going to get denied. It won’t be the end of the world but I’ve worked really hard for YEARS to go to college, while working and raising a family. So now ask me if drugs aren’t that big of a deal. Grow up or get used to minimum wage until you die because you won’t be able to afford retirement.


“I’m not sure why people think doing drugs is such a horrible thing and will prevent you from getting a clearance.”

" Well if you feel otherwise, let me be clear that you are a dinosaur."

From the same generation, no doubt, that thinks sitting in a small room, blowing water vapor in each others face, while chomping on a laundry detergent pod, is hip and “woke”.

Certainly makes homeschooling for my 4th kid look more and more inviting.


wow! I can see I am the only one who waited that long to finally got approved. I got mine after 3 years and 9 months.

3 years and 9 months!! Was yours a TS. Did you have issues in your packet like criminal history or debts?

Yes, it’s really weird. I had some medical bills but, all was cleared after the interview. I received a second visit because someone reported some lies about me and my business. I received the ITD. I appealed and submitted documentation. I totally forgot about the whole thing because it was getting too long. Until I received the favorable determination after due process. The security contact told me my HR was working on paperwork to send me the job offer. As of today, nothing and no response back from two emails. I decided to leave it alone.

After a year long investigation and an 11 month adjudication I finally have received my TS!


Hi James. IC or DODCAF? If you don’t mind me asking.

Hopefully, one day, I will be writing the same thing _/_

Hey James, when you say you received it, what exactly does that mean? Did they call you/ write to you saying you NOW have it or that you were successfully adjudicated? Or maybe you just came back after being processed (read on) by your new employer?