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Many variables for getting through adjudication. Complexity of the case, is it for an operational slot or a maintenance tech, etc. Add in enormous backlog and multiple levels of review…I’m seeing a lot go past 6 and 7 months

How do simultaneous background investigations work with different three letter agencies? It seems like they do the polys and investigations at different points in the process, but does one investigation hold up the other until a final decision has been made? Or do they just wait for the actual investigation to close?

Interesting question and I have personal experience trying to upgrade a cleared employee, his SF86 was moving forward, BI started…another agency cleared him much faster for a better job. So I do know they can run simultaneously. But I think it depends on who is conducting it. Certain agencies conduct all their own and would not run 2 simultaneously. But if one was more JPASS only…it could run and none be the wiser it is happening. That said, in this instance I lost the employee as the other agency cleared faster.


Welcome back, I was looking for you! I read the below string and you answered many of my thoughts, So really there is no such thing as just transferring your clearance from SC to JPAS, right?
Govie to Contractor even if your clearance is still valid they will still adjudicate you and make you go through this process all over again? I just get this feeling that the FSO at my new contractor company is not following up.

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Oh no you can cross back over, but it requires work on the gaining JPASS FSO. They create the record, they contact DODCAF, they request transferability…Many are completely unaware there is an SC or any other repository. I’ve even debated with a few FSO’s here explaining there are several repositories. So many FSO’s just aren’t savvy to it. But even a simple Google search can help there.

Hi Amber, Welcome back. I posted this as a new topic, but then saw your post of being back.
So if you have a DoD Secret with CI Poly, what does that mean? Would it help and put you in a ‘fast track’ for lack of a better word, towards TS? My questions may not make sense, but if anyone who has knowledge could make it clear what is/are the step(s) to go from DoD Secret to TS?
I do know that the manager/director/boss/supervisor provide security( FSO) justification for the upgrade AND the position would have to require TS. I do know this part, but what I don’t know is once you are put for a TS upgrade what else do you need to do?
I do have a T5 BI, a current final Secret and a current CI Poly, all done in the past 3-9 months.
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Going have to submit another sf-86 since you are getting an upgrade on your clearance

As you pretty much stated, the position drives the clearance requirement. So if your boss has a seat requiring a TS and wants you to fill it, they put you in for the higher clearance. Many do not understand the clearance requirement rains with the seat, not the person. Once cleared for the seat, the person retains eligibility until the BI is no longer in scope. So in your case the boss wants you for the TS seat and work, they have the FSO submit a new clearance form (SF86). If this is the same agency conducting the deeper dive many parts of the previous BI can be used. In a sense they " review the file." I can honestly say it doesn’t seem to speed it up at all for my client but serving a support contract vice operational positions can impact that. Meaning if there is a high need to get an operator cleared it happens much faster.

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Thanks very much for the insight and detailed info.
Never went for TS before, don’t know a rough time-line, have had others go through it and it took them 1-2 years, but also saw TS come in 6 months for colleague who had secret.
Does having a current (2018/19) T5 help or should I just wait, relax, get a job, have kids and don’t worry about it. :smile:

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And I am sorry Amber, but I forgot one key info.
So when the company submitted my SF-86, it was initially for a TS, and after almost 17 months, and a T5, when I got my final, it was a Secret, not TS. Since the company has positions for TS and secret, no issues there.

Relax, have kids…enroll them in preschool…hopefully not kintergarten.

Back two days and already got a thread locked!


Welcome back!

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It’s the Beret in me, lol

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I had to learn the 3 second rule when I left the SPs. Still slip at times.

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Sorry to kinda repeat what others have asked, but if you have undergone a recent SSBI/T5 investigation but only cleared to the secret level, and are now starting an investigation for a TS with another agency (say, State), how would this speed up this TS investigation. Could they use the interviews already completed or would they have to reinterview all contacts? If it is a similar SSBI/T5 investigation, what exactly if the difference if cleared to S or TS?

Thank you!

State does not play well with any other agency reciprocity wise. They have a process for it but will stall at every opportunity. I would anticipate going through the entire thing until at least you meet with the BI person. Telling them in person as well on the form that you have an exisiting clearance…may allow them to use their own backchannels to get the relevant and still in scope items.

Thank you! Much appreciated.

@Amberbunny2 Quick question regarding reciprocity…brand new TS transfer from DOJ to DOJ agencies (FBI to DEA) or (FBI to Marshals Service)… Do you think it would be a smooth transition?

Normally that is smooth as both use the same BI and transfer office. Problems happen when you go from, say a three letter…to DoD. One uses a closed system, not JPASS. So it takes a while to follow the correct path and get it recognized.


Hi @Amberbunny2 You’re the man.

Quick question:

I’m a direct hire for a 3-letter IC agency, TS clearance, for a role that will use my graduate degree skills. I submitted my SF-86 in June of 2018, did my psych/poly in May 2019, and the BI wrapped up in mid-August 2019. I have never resided abroad, and listed no foreign contacts.

I’m guessing I’m in adjudication- any idea as to roughly how many months someone in my situation can expect to wait?