Any Remote contracts right now

So not happy with the remote option for investigators evaporating. Can anyone tell me/us what contracts are still remote? Thank you.

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If you want more remote options, gotta give up the investigator gig and become a PSA or PSS.

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DHS is still remote.

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Recent DCSA guidance will change that.


What do acronyms mean?

They are not acronyms but initialisms or alphabetisms (abbreviations).

DHS (Department [of] Homeland Security) and DCSA (Defense Counterintelligence [and] Security Agency) where you pronounce the individual initial letters and not as a word are referred to as initialisms. E.g., DHS (“dee-aytch-ess”) and DCSA (“dee-see-ess-ay”).

Acronyms are abbreviations which form pronounceable words from the initial letters. E.g., NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) pronounced “nay-toe” not “ehn-ay-tee-oh”.

Some acronyms become so common they can take lower case letters, e.g., laser (light amplification [by] stimulated emission [of] radiation) or scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus).

Some acronyms are less common to the general public and the initial letters are capitalized but you still pronounce them as words, e.g., DOHA pronounced “doe-hah” (Defense Office [of] Hearings [and] Appeals) and DOLI pronounced “dolly” (date of last investigation).

Rule of thumb, if the initials can’t form a pronounceable word it’s not an acronym.

Not acronyms (but initialisms or alphabetisms): CIA, NYPD, RSVP, etc.

Acronyms: NASA (“naa-suh”, National Aeronautics [and] Space Administration), COLA (“koh-lah”, Cost of Living Adjustment), etc.

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Yeah but where’s that at?