Applying for a secrete clearance but have done drugs

I’m expecting a no but I’ll just list everything I’ve done. I graduate college this year and partied pretty hard my freshman and sophomore year, consistently smoked weed, did coke 3-4 times, and Adderall. I haven’t done anything for close to two years now because I had to turn down an internship due to drugs. Unfortunately I have done steroids in the past two years and just finished a cycle 6 weeks ago because I was preparing for a bodybuilding competition before corona virus. This was going to be the last time I did them and I had no intentions of really working for the government until I got this offer. Do you think I have a chance of getting a secrete clearance for engineering? I’m expecting you all to say I don’t have a chance but I would prefer to not lie.

If you lie, you will be denied, and you will have to report on all future applications that you were denied for lying, which is a much harder burden to overcome

I’m guessing that means you don’t think I’ll get the clearance right now

I didn’t say one way or the other what I think your chances are. I will leave that to others with more experience. All I said was “don’t lie”

Steroids are not illegal if bought over the counter or prescribed by a doctor. Your other illegal drug use was in the typical college environment and can be mitigated, but it depends on the job and agency. Being up front and honest is your best recourse with a stated intent to cease and desist all future illegal drug use and disassociate yourself from other users.

It’s for the navy. And I don’t have a prescription for steroids but I would get one if I ever were to do them again