Applying for New Job & Likelihood of Revocation of Eligibility

Hello, I am currently serving in the military with TS/SCI eligibility. A few months ago I had an incident where another service member, a friend, assaulted me to a point of notable injury. Alcohol was involved, and I made a lot of bad decisions including lying to my command and civilian law enforcement about what actually happened. Eventually I came around and told my command the truth about what happened after a month, and they justly proceeded with UCMJ (NJP/Article 15) and administrative separation for what they considered a serious offense.Since then, I have explained why the incident occurred and voluntarily sought help from mental health professionals to address alcohol-related and stress-related concerns.

As my separation approaches, I have the intention of using my eligibility in the civilian contracting sector. However, there are a few concerns that I have:

  1. Should I notify the job that I am applying for that I have an open incident report? Or should I wait until my incident report closes?

  2. If the DoD CAF determines that my eligibility should be revoked, how will I be notified to make a rebuttal?

  3. Based on my offense, does anyone think that my eligibility will be revoked? I have made a lot of progress addressing underlying concerns, and I hope that if I receive a statement of reasons it will be enough to justify retaining my clearance.

Justin I would wait util the incident get cleared first and then apply for a cleared job.
You can request your clearance record after it clears just to make sure.
Most companies would not take you with open incident report on JPAS.
I am dealing with this myself now. Very frustrating situation after working over decade in clear space.

  1. It’s better that you wait but, if you decide not to, you should disclose it so that you don’t waste your time or theirs.
  2. I’m not sure about this for military.
  3. We don’t really know the entirety of your offense.

As far as my offense, I deliberately filed a false police report to cover for my friend (which I later admitted to law enforcement and my command) and admitted to continuously lying to my commander until my mental health improved.

I know that I messed up and I am doing a lot to make things right. I am just worried because I know that dishonesty is extremely frowned upon by the DoD CAF, especially when criminal.