Approval odds for clearance?

Hi everyone, first post here. I will be processing with an IC agency requiring a security clearance. I had a few questions on some of the issues I have with my past and if these issues would prevent me from getting a clearance? For reference I’m in my twenties.

  1. Marijuana usage 3 times total between 2015 and 2017. I did not purchase or receive; my only usage was in a social setting. The most recent was about 1.5 years ago and I only did one puff. I no longer associate with the person I experimentally used with the first 2 times (ex) and only occasionally associate with the person I used with the most recent time. Association is mostly through social media every now and then.

  2. Downloading of media on personal computers. I used to download quite a bit in my younger years during high school when torrenting became popular. It was mainly music with occasional movies and software. Into college I downloaded, but not to the degree as when I was younger. It was mostly for some rare media or for a pdf book that I needed for my class before a test and couldn’t afford. My most recent download was a few months ago. Total value is maybe a few thousand dollars worth over my lifetime, but not over a short period of time. I know this will probably come up during a poly, so will this be an issue for conduct? This is the one I’m most worried about.

  3. A few minor traffic infractions over a short period of time. I had 2 speeding tickets and got into a fender bender in the same year. This was over 5 years ago. I have not had a ticket since. My record is otherwise clean, but I’m worried that since all of these events occurred over such a short time period that it may present an issue.

Your biggest concern will be the non legal downloads. When Napster first came out everyone felt it was cool and okay. Heck, audio stores sold tape to tape and CD to tape machines for decades…meaning people duplicated their friends purchased music and listened to it without paying a penny in royalties. As the Napster and then Bit Torrent revolution showed hundreds of millions of dollars lost to the artists, the court cracked down. I confess laughing at the first court cases against kids. Until they held up in court over and over again. Suddenly we learned the artist lost money and it wasn’t fair. As pay sites were created it changed the landscape yet again. You will need be honest on this and speak to all of it. Ed Snowden was a gamechanger as was Chelsea Manning. If you are willing to download to save a few bucks, will you download Intelligence data? It is fair to question that.

The industry long fought against copying to tape but the losses were reasonably small. The quality decreased with each successive copy and since they were physical items, distribution remained small. There were always a few “production scale” pirates and companies would go after them. Napster and CD-R changed the game because the digital copies didn’t suffer from degradation and the distribution became BETTER than the industry standard.

As a long time producer of copyrighted material (music and photography) I have always had a major problem with this issue and stayed away from it personally.

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I hear ya. In the Philippines the pirates made mass copies of everything. We copied everybody’s master tapes when I first joined the AIr Force, and we paid upwards of $9 for whatever the tech of the day claimed was the best “High Chrome” tapes, metal, etc…honestly they did all seem to degrade very fast and in a year or three were un-listenable. But the Napster era followed by the bit torrent world was a whole new animal and thankfully came a generation after I did. I was aware of folks talking about getting it all online but was never technically savvy enough to ever figure it out.