Are short marriages a red flag?


I have been married 3 times (this time hopefully for the last. That’s the plan).

My first one lasted 2008-2010 (22 months). Second one 2012-2015 (29 months) and I have been married 25 months as of right now.

The first marriage she basically “feel out of love” and left the marriage was holding her career back. The 2nd one she fell in love with someone else, actually another woman.

So now I am on my 3rd marriage. Will this raise any short of red flags or additional scrutiny?

My first marriage there are no kids, but she’s vindictive and left on bad terms (she was mad I was unfair to her because I wouldn’t let her live in the house with me unmarried in a different room for a year while she finished school). Up until the divorce it was good. But after that she basically got mad and blew up.

Second marriage we have 1 kid together.
It’s okay. She claims I am manipulative- but she says that anytime I don’t bend to her will. It’s like her go-to card.


You’ll be fine. I’ve been married three times and got my TS/SCI last year. 3 years first time, 20 the second and currently have been married 7.

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The only time I ever heard of any concerns related to a marriage was when it involved immigration fraud.


When I was up for TS renewal I had just been divorced in a marriage lasting a few months. I refused to buy her the wedding present she wanted: a Cessna 172. Just be honest with the investigator. They may ask if it was a money thing, a green card thing, etc.

or domestic violence

Multiple marriages seems more of a dating red flag issue! Rule of thumb…don’t date anyone with 3 divorces under their belt. It’s a personal trigger issue and realistically probably a good predictor of character, integrity, judgement, and reliability.