Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?

Hey brother, exact same termination circumstances with yours. Only mine involves fake charges conjure up by a retaliatory supervisor. After I was terminated, I got in touch with a good lawyer who settle all of my charges with the Govt. The termination was rescinded, the suspensions was rescinded, and I resigned voluntarily. Also I would have to dropped all of my MSPB, Arbitration, and EEO cases, and I did.

During my T5 investigation a few years later, I told the truth on everything and even gave the investigator my settlement agreement so he can see for himself.
A couple of weeks ago, I learn my T5 was adjudicated with favorable result. So just be honest is my best advice.


Update, I got an email stating the Government approved my clearance yesterday May 16th, 2019.


@skydrive22… congratulations!!!

nice! how long did the process take? What clearance level?

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@skydrive22 Congrats!

Initial DoD Secret clearance, as part of contractor position. This is a follow-up to my previous post since I wasn’t final at that point.

Sept 18, 2018 - Submitted SF-86 and fingerprints
Sept 30, 2018 - OPM received request for investigation
Oct 2018 - All three credit agencies reported a soft inquiry from OPM
Nov 2018 - FSO notified me that they forgot to request an interim clearance, notified me the next week that the interim was denied (“pending”)
Jan 2019 - Contacted State Rep at FSO’s suggestion, didn’t go anywhere
March 11, 2019 - Contacted Senator at FSO’s suggestion
March 20, 2019 - Call from investigator in my original district, but needed to shuffle it to another district since I had moved
March 28, 2019 - Letter from OPM/NBIB stating current clearance status and that the Congressional inquiry would expedite the remaining steps in investigation and adjudication
April 8, 2019 - Interview
April 18, 2019 - Investigation closed and sent to DoDCAF
May 8, 2019 - Clearance granted
(May 18, 2019 - HR finally found the clearance, so I got a start date)

End-to-end time from SF-86 submission to clearance granted: 232 days. Subtract 12 days that my company spent reviewing it before sending to OPM.

For reference: clean file other than a handful of foreign contacts due to my time in graduate school and S/O being a dual citizen.


I got word today that my DoD secret clearance was granted. I just wanted to add my general timeline since it took a very long time.

Early Oct. 2017 - Investigation Opened
Late Oct. 2017 - Interim Granted
Late Nov. 2017 - Interview and References contacted
Late Jan. 2018 - Investigation Closed, sent to DoDCAF for adjudication
Early March. 2018 - Interim Withdrawn, no reasons provided (very confusing)
Early Feb. 2019 - Requested copy of background investigation, received about 4 weeks later.
Late May 2019 - Clearance Granted.

Investigation - about 4 months
Adjudication - about 16 months :confused:

Based on my experience I would say to make sure that your company has uncleared work for you while you go through the process, and be aware that sometimes interims can be withdrawn/canceled for any reason.


@opamp… congratulations!!!

Outstanding…18 months for a Secret. Ouch.

TS clearance for CBP

Received email stating I was not Referred

Received email stating I was selected

Accepted tentative offer

Eqip submitted

Fingerprints mailed

Drug test

CBP Hiring Center email stating my BI packet was submitted to OPR for review

Soft credit pull

1st BI in town to interview my references

2nd BI in town for my subject interview

Currently waiting…

My credit score is abysmal but I explained in great detail as to why. I have no previous drug use. I was fired in November from previous employer which is when my credit took a nose dive.(explained my situation on eqip and I have a right to sue letter from eeoc.)

07/8/19 I spoke with a CBP hiring official to ensure my fingerprints were received before my deadline to have them turned in. He in turn read over my file and said I should get an interim clearance in a few weeks. (I wish he didn’t tell me that)

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@Verti… good luck!!!

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Losing a job and subsequent income, getting behind isn’t as bad as many think. If it is explainable, it is understandable. As long as since that time you are trying to dig yourself out. Maintaining contact with all debt holders is in your best interest. Show you are paying as many as possible. Try to negotiate the debt and minimum payments with each. Any forward thinking attempt to get the credit history going in the right direction shows over time.


I’ve already resolved 2 debts since turning in my eQip. I also started a payment plan on another(major credit card). The only hiccup I currently have is that I mentioned debt on my eQip that is not represented on my credit report. I listed a few medical bills and an old cellphone payment I owe. They were also not listed.

The only major debt listed on my credit report is the credit card.

You may be looking at candor questions. You must report all debt not currently in repayment plans. Medical bills count, old phone bills count. They get to see a much deeper look at credit than the three major ones we all use. And they do often find obscure, old charge offs, no longer reflected in credit scores or on credit reports.

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I just reread my eQip information and I entered the wrong birthday month. Should I call to have the form sent back to me or should I just wait for them to contact me about the correction?

I would ask it back. Birth dates are used to confirm identity if there is a similar middle initial, etc. Even if they tell you to save it for the BI person, keep this Email showing you made a good faith effort. In and of itself a mistake is a mistake. But if there are other “mistakes” it could paint a picture of one not paying attention or deliberately playing loose.

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Should I be concerned if they don’t return the eQip for correction? Will this prolong my process by initially entering the wrong information?

If the system isn’t set up for correcting, send an email to the recruiter. Keep said email. It may be viewed as innocuous. It may be seen as trying to slow things down, cause confusion. People make simple data input errors all the time, though birthdates are fairly easy to remember, so they may wonder how you made an error of that. They totally get we are imperfect humans. But if they even slightly think it is an attempt to pull up the wrong credit info…and by your acknowledgement your score is abysmal…small things can add up to big things. If it is honest fat fingering, have no worries. If it was in any way an attempt to cloud the credit issues…well, that is a big thing and they will quickly put two and two together.

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Well that sucks. The 2 and 0 are upstairs/downstairs on the number pad on a computer keyboard. It was an honest mistake. I emailed and got no reply as of yet. At this point I’m expecting the worse. I’ll keep you posted.

Great news. The BI just so happened to call me today and I gave him the correct birthday. He’ll be in town next week conducting face to face interviews. I was ready to throw in the towel, God is good!