Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?

And…SCI access is not a separate investigation. It is an additional review/approval after you have already been granted a TS after the completion of a T5.

Sorry if any of that was confusing. I recently finished the OPM security clearance course and that was the way the instructor described the relationships. I’ll let the more experienced folks answer the questions from here on out.

My timeline for TS: submitted my SF 86 at the end of Oct. 2016. FBI (not OPM) picked up my background check at the end of January 2017, and interviewed neighbors, references, employers, coworkers, me within a couple weeks. Interim granted end of May. Waiting on final.

Around 19 months (600+ days). That’s how long it took me to receive a favorably adjudicated periodic reinvestigation. But in my case, I was a “priority” hire because I recently accepted an entry level federal job. I can only imagine how long it would have taken if I decided to remain in the contractor world. I’m hearing horror stories of people waiting 3+ years for PRs now.

Being married to a foreign national didn’t help things, but I’m thankful it’s finally over and that the Sword of Damocles is no longer hanging over my head.

To those of you getting into/staying in the contractor world, I wish you the best of luck. But if I had to give you advice, I would say, apply to a federal job or enlist/commission into a military reserves for a job that requires a clearance, pronto, because the government ain’t looking out for you if you’re a contractor. If you get laid off and it takes years to fix a Loss of Jurisdiction, you’re on your own and will be forced to take on a lower paying/less satisfying job to wait it out. Probably not so bad if you’re single and unattached, but if you have a family to feed, you don’t have the luxury of time.

Wish ya’ll the best. Hopefully the political climate will improve so that so many peoples’ livelihoods aren’t so negatively affected.

Update… Temp Employment just notified me that I will be out of work in 30 Days…

No update on getting clearance as of yet.

Current timeline put me over 250 day.

Army changing MOS for which a TS is required to begin training. Submitted packet in NOV16 and the only information I get from my security handler whenever he checks my status is that it is open. Investigators have not yet contacted my references. My case should be an easy one, I have zero social media, one credit card that I never use, good credit, no arrests, and my father and two brothers are all military and all have TS clearance. Is there some way to see what is going on with my case or is their anyone I can contact to get the ball rolling? It looks like everyone is in my position, but it can’t hurt to ask.

Just wanted to add to this post. Going for a TS/SCI. Received CJO in December 15. Been In Adjudication for almost a year.

Just received a DOE Q (SSBI).
Submitted SF86: Nov 2015
Subject interview: Apr 2017
Clearance granted: June 2017
Clearance was granted after being in adjudication for about a week.

~400 business days in total. Seems like newer submissions are going through much faster now, I’ve been hearing 9-12 months for a Q.

I first came across this thread in March and the info has been much appreciated. My timeline for a secret clearance:

Mid April '16 - Submitted - e-QIP
Late June '16 - Granted interim.
Early May '17 - Subject interview.

I was able to begin working in August so luckily I haven’t been as badly affected as some others in here. It’s been almost 450 calendar days and just over 300 business days waiting for my final clearance so far (since submitting my e-QIP). I was hopeful that I may be close to the finish line but based on previous responses it seems it may be some time again before I complete adjudication.

I’m sure this has been asked before but I went back to Feb and couldn’t find it. How much will it set me back in the process if I were to leave my job and work for another contractor?

I’m on the same page as you. Been in adjudication for 12 months now.

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Just got my secret clearance approved. Not a super clean background, foreign parents.

EQIP Submitted: 8/8/2016
“Eligibility Pending”: 10/25/2016
Subject Interview: 4/11/2017
Case Closed: 6/27/2017
Notification from Employer: 7/6/2017

End to End: 332 Days

I am retired military and held a TS/SCI from 1981 - Sep 2003. I also held a SECRET from June 2005 - June 2006. Went back to work last year as contractor at Fort Huachuca and received my Interim SECRET as of 1 June 2016. Have not heard anything from an investigator yet. nor have any family or friends as far as I know. I understand that my previous clearances don’t really count for much since they are outside the 10-year window for a SECRET, but my background, credit, and any other aspect of my life is about as squeaky clean as they can be. The Interim clearance would seem to confirm that. Seems ridiculous to be taking this long for a straight SECRET clearance to be resolved.

Congrats! I’m hoping that since I had my subject interview about a month after you that my clearance will come through in about a month…one can dream right? You need to change your handle now though :smile:

Congrats. If I may ask, are you in the DMV area and if so, who’s your congressman? I have attempted to reach out to my congressman and have not heard a peep. Even went to his office and the workers there seem like they weren’t interested in helping.

Initial Secret Clearance:
EQIP Submitted: January 2016
“Eligibility Pending”: July 2016
Interview: August 2016
Case Closed: January 2017
Adjudication: Still waiting (180 days and counting in adjudication)
Total Time: 530 days and counting

I’m a month behind you in each step, otherwise everything is the same including TS initial.

I am in NJ. I did reach out to my congressman and he was very helpful. He reached out to NBIB and got a letter back from Charles Phalen (the director). This letter stated that he would expedite the case. However, I am not sure if it actually sped anything up, as my interviewer said he didn’t get any pressure to push things forward.

Good luck bud, i’ve heard the DMV area is the worst for clearances and I feel for you

Thank You 47. I didn’t think there were others from 2015. Cheers

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Hello Stillwaiting. Did your congressman use a specific letter or procedure to reach out to NBIB? I am in the same boat at the moment and I would like to seek my Congressman’s help (his office is very receptive), but I would like to know if there is a particular procedure or letter to use for communication. Any advice you have is highly appreciated. Thank you.

I am in a very nerve racking and kind of scary situation. I was hired as a contractor for a 1-5 year contract at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. I started work May 1, 2017. There were 9 of us that hired on for this job from all over the country, and our company relocated us to come out here and started paying us right away. We were going into work Monday through Friday, going through training, taking classes, taking tests, etc. About the second week of May, we were given access to our e-Quip and completed our questionnaires. Four weeks ago yesterday we all got our fingerprints done. This was the end of our 6th or seventh week of work, and they told us all we were not to come back to the shipyard until we get our Yellow badges, which is our Interim Secret Clearance. With our Interim Secret, we can have access to about 60% of the submarine, and therefore they will be able to put us to work. In the mean time, the DoD stopped paying our company, and therefore our company is not paying us. We had no warning this would happen. It has been 4 weeks now with no pay, and none of us have our Interim Secrets yet. Our company is not even willing to pay us per diem to stay here so most people went back to their home towns and kept their apartments here that they signed leases for. The big question is, how much longer is it going to take to get our Interim Secret clearances? I am about to have to go work somewhere else, and possibly cash in a retirement account to survive.

Unfortunately many people are reporting that they have had to wait SEVERAL MONTHS to get even an interim clearance these days.