Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


25 months of waiting, been 13 months since I’ve heard anything. I check in with my POC at the agency every few months and get the same “still in processing” note. Medical release forms I signed 13 months ago are now out of date and were never used.

It’s kind of sad: if the job were to come through tomorrow I would decline it, as I’m now excited to attend graduate school in the fall and move on with my life and career. I imagine they must lose lots of candidates like me with only one thing that comes up (mental health issues that have been stable for years without issue) but are stellar otherwise. Oh well.


Same deal, Fullcast. I think we’re waiting on the same Agency. At least if I don’t call every 40-50 days, they’ll call me to let me know I’m “still in processing.”

CJO was Dec 2016. BI first contact was August 2017.


I blame losers like Snowden and Schulte myself. :rage:


There is no set timeline for background investigations. The stats you read are averages or similar measures.

The speed of your case depends on some factors you can control and some factors you can’t control.

Most of these factors have been beaten to a dry pulp here in these blogs. Unfortunately, most folks don’t find this forum until after they submitted their questionnaire or have been denied their clearance through a SOR.


I contacted the FIOA hotline and was told my investigation was completed on June 14th and sent back to agency for adjudication. Hopefully the adjudication doesn’t take too long.

My investigation started on/around July 20th for reference.


Adjudacation seems to be the stopping point of progress…mine has been in adjudacation since Feb. Hopefully yours doesnt hit the black hole of adjudacation.


Yes it seems that there are two kinds of adjudications: the ones that complete quickly and the ones that screw up the statistics. Here’s hoping for more quick ones.


quick question for everyone - I do not see a lot of difference in pay in federal jobs between folks with a top secret and public trust, why go through all the hassle for a clearance why not just get a job without a top secret or even a clearance in the first place? I have a public trust and make 165k


I have to share this story about a phone call I made today. After months of digging and searching I finally found a POC for the DoS that can actually see whats going on and speak to the adjudacator that is handling my case. For the record please do not ask me who this person is or contact info. Anyhow after starting a Congressional that seems to be taking forever, going through 3 FSOs and a cricket farm I decided to us some “special” training that I have had the privaliage to attend during my “special” time in the military and do some contact digging. So to make a long story short “this person” that I spoke with is awesome and we had a nice chat, after this person pulled my information this person decided to go on a tangent on how broke the system is and that “this person” would personally speak to the adudacator for me and let me know something tomorrow. The best part of our conversation was when “this person” said, “Hell the Pope couldnt even get a clearance at this present date”…that answers allot


While you are correct that the type of background investigation/clearance has no bearing with fed job, the same cannot be said with private sector. So, clearance eligibility is a valuable commodity in private sector. You can land a well-compensated second job with the clearance eligibility if you want to keep your fed job.

One thing, Excepted service positions do pay employees differently (typically more) than those in competitive service positions especially if you are in a position of critical need. Nonetheless, most agencies are closing that gap tho.


If you don’t mind me asking, what agency is yours through?


Sure its with the Department of State


Thank you for the quick response. Mine is with the Department of Homeland Security.


I’m curious to hear if you get any new information as i’m waiting for DOS as well. Please let me know what happens. I tried contacting the adjudicator directly and they just say, “you are still being adjudicated.” Thanks for the insight. Lol.


No problum, ill keep you and this site updated.


It’s been 720 days since I submitted my EQip.
I finally heard from an investigator last week but have since moved. She transferred my case to my area. Any idea how long it may take to hear from another investigator? Will I have to wait another 2 years again?

Also once I finally have my subject interview I’d like to do some travelling. Is it okay to travel during the end of your investigation/adjudication?


When a senator contacts OPM, how long does it generally take for them to receive a response?


My congresional has been going on for 30 days now…so who knows


Wow 30 days and still no response!? Hopefully I hear something soon.


Did your contact mention why no one was getting a clearance from State? I am waiting in Adjudications for State as well.