Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


and to be fair, the Pope would have trouble. He is a foreign citizen, has several foreign contacts, extensive foreign travel and foreign property. He would have a long road.


howlong have you been in adjudication?


My contact did call yesterday, just oinform me that he would be having a “sit down” outside the office with my adjudacator on Monday.The adjudacator didnt want to talk in the office…should be interesting.


I have been waiting since February 2018, my BI started in February 2017. It has been about 1 year and a half


I am excited to hear what your contact says. The hiring freeze has been lifted.


we are in the same boat…been in adjudacation since Feb myself.


Did your contact get back to you?


My sourse did and It explained allot but im tring to figure out a way to post our converstation with out setting off a fire storm. I know we all want to know why its taking so long and I did recieve some solid information but I just have to be careful how I word it. Please understand, ill post something soon.


No worries. I am just interested.


July 2017: Investigation initiated
July 2017: Subject Interview
Aug 2017: Agency finishes investigation
June 14, 2018: OPM sends investigation to agency
July 02, 2018: Investigation approved by agency


Well I think I’ve found my group of people. Seasonal law enforcement national park ranger here…my application got flagged in March 2018 for an unknown reason and now I’m in the government’s time out corner. Not sure if the investigation will continue after the season comes to a close and the job goes away but I guess I’ll find out. Applied to a second seasonal position a few months later and have since found out that if you have one background investigation going you can’t submit a new e-quip form. You must use the one that is already flagged…cool. Here’s my progress so far:

Dec 2017: applied to first seasonal position
Feb 2018: e-quip submitted to first seasonal position (may-oct)
Mar 20, 2018: notified of flagged application
April 18, 2018: applied to second seasonal position (july-nov)
May 8, 2018: one reference contacted via mail questionnaire
Today: background investigation still pending, mailed 3 congressmen
July 8, 2018: tentative start for second job…probably not happening


Did you find out more about why your case was flagged? Seems weird.


Anybody hear if theyve made up any time with DoD clearances lately?


No I haven’t been able to get a hold of someone who knows. The hiring official from the first position doesn’t know why and doesn’t seem to care.


Last year, I was working at a cleared defense contractor and some of the recently submitted cases were being cleared for Secret in six months. Mostly these were for new grads who did not have a lot of history.

Not a very large dataset I’ll admit. If you submit an eQIP today for a Secret clearance you might get cleared in six months.

Or not.


That just bites. I think you should submit a FOIA. Do you have an idea as to why your file was flagged?


Well I didn’t get to print off a copy when I sent it because I was sans printer at the time so anything I remember is speculation at best. A list of small things that cross my mind:

Might have been a foreign company I was invested in at the time (Cronos Group).
A goofed up military base address that also didn’t have a supervisor listed because I never really had a legitimate one since I got injured out before I received a rate.
I did smoke mj once in CO like two years ago…I think I put that on the application when it asked but honestly can’t remember.
One of my references is also a dual citizen USA/France…had to use her because I was running out of people that I know ha


This article from Feb 2018 is saying 4 months for secret and 9-10 for top secret:

“The pileup, which is government-wide, is causing work delays for both federal and private intelligence efforts. It takes about four months to acquire a clearance to gain access to “secret” information on a need-to-know basis, and nine to 10 months for “top-secret” clearance.”

I’m not sure if that’s their optimistic guess or if they are just plain wrong. Time will tell I suppose.


@bhushanrele @anon471 Did any of you guys ever hear back anything?


My investigation for my secret opened in July 17 and other than my interview from March 18, nothing but crickets.