Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


Recommend you request your JPAS records to see what’s in there.


I’ve been following this forum so I wanted to share my timeline for Secret/T3 I needed for a DoD engagement.

March 2018: SF86 Submitted
May 2018: Interim Denied/Eligibility Pending
May 2018: Open Investigation
July 2018: Secret Granted

I was very lucky to have such a fast process.


That’s insanely fast, I’ve been waiting since March 2017.


So lucky, been waiting about 6 months for mine now, though I know that’s not much.


Very similar timeline to yours except my SF-86 was submitted the first week of April. Investigation opened in May and had interview with my investigator almost a month ago. Investigation is still open, however. Thanks for posting your timeline.


You have got to be freakin kidding me. Wow.


Also interesting that your case went so fast even after being denied an interim.


You may be very surprised to learn what “people who know you very well” may say when guaranteed anonymity!

I speak from experience.


This is my timeline for secret DoD clearance for industry.

Jan 2017 - e-Qip submitted
Apr 2017 - Credit check
Oct 2017 - Contacted Senator
Dec 2017 - Interview with investigator
Jan 2018 - Background investigation closed
Mar 2018 - Contacted Senator
Still waiting to be adjudicated (7.5 months). 22 months from CJO.

My employer and senator contacted DoDCAF. Their response is that they are not able to adjudicate and my investigation must go through additional reviews and they are not able to provide any timeline. I received copy of BI from NBIB and compared it with 13 adjudicative guidelines. Everything looks ok to me.

I also checked with DOHA and NBIB. My file is neither with them nor is my investigation reopened. DoDCAF said that if they need more information, they will contact me through my employer. So far, nobody has contacted me. I think my file is collecting dust… this is a brutal process and I’m running out of patience…


I have to be honest, while I don’t think any of them will have anything particularly bad to say, I am very curious to FOIA this all at the end and hopefully learn a little bit about myself. Sometimes it’s good to have the unvarnished truth, or an unvarnished perspective anyway.


@WaitingForClearance I have a similar adjudication timeline, although my investigation was faster. I think we’re going to have to wait a long time based on what I’ve read on this website.


Is your position for industry or government?

Hang in there, I’m hopeful that before the end of this year we should see some movement.


@WaitingForClearance Industry, exactly the same as you.

@Llxxaaam TS requires a new investigation. You start all over. Ask your FSO, they can tell you if your investigation has finished or not.


Welp, I know I’ve posted here an okay amount the last few months but I’m proud to announce that my clearance finally went through! I figured I’d post my timeline so anyone dealing with the DoD may get some peace of mind via mine and others’ timelines, so here goes:

4th Week of August 2017 - Given Job Offer
1st Week of September 2017 - Submitted E-QIP
3rd Week of September 2017 - Fingerprints
November/December 2017 - Current job contacted for employment verification
Early June 2018 - Letter to congressman sent
Last Week of June 2018 - FINALLY contacted for a BI set for the first week of July
1st Week of July 2018 - BI conducted
3rd Week of July 2018 - All references contacted and interviewed
July 28th - Investigation ended
August 24th - Secret Clearance granted

I hope this information will be of use to you guys, and good luck on the long, long wait!


Here’s my situation for a DOD Secret
SF-86 submitted 7/14/2017
Finally met with the investigator on 4/9/18
Credit report pulled on 4/10/18
Texted the investigator back on 5/10/18 - no reply
Contacted the HR Rep at the company I accepted the position for in April, June and lastly August but she has not heard anything good or bad
Frustrated and thinking of contacting my Congressman… Thoughts on that??


I think at this point most would consider it acceptable to contact your congressman(woman).


Thanks Tim - I just faxed my Congressman and official request to look into this for me.


Status update. Non DOD IC. At this point, I’ve accepted employment elsewhere for something equally as cool so if it never comes through I won’t be totally heartbroken.

Nov 16 - App
Jan 17 - In-person interview
Jan 17 - CoE
Feb 17 - SF86 Submitted
Jul 17 - Poly/Medical/Processing
early Aug 17 - Met with BI
Sep 17 - BI field work closes(supposedly, but who knows for sure)
Mar 18 - Contact says I’m still in processing
Aug 18 - Contact says I’m still in processing

I saw on Federalsoup that someone with a similar timeline just got assigned recently, so maybe I’ll get the lucky call someday soon. The ultimate fear is that thin white FedEx envelope with a ‘thanks but no thanks’ :frowning:


Did you apply as a contractor or government? Did your security officer ever say that you were in adjudication?



They don’t ever state whether you’re in adjudication to my knowledge, just the words ‘processing.’