Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


What does under continuous evaluation mean? Are they spying on me? If so, cool, I’m not doing anything wrong or illegal, but I’d like to know.


Hmm, I think you have a good point. Thanks.


I don’t know if it’s started because I’ve received conflicting information. One PO said it did, another said it didn’t.


Hello everyone. This is my first time posting. I’m currently processing for a DOD contractor’s secret clearance. I’m curious what wait times others are currently experiencing. I submitted my sf-86 in July. I have a credit monitoring service and i haven’t seen my credit pulled to date. One of my co-workers just received his final
clearance very quickly (about 5 months).


IMO for planning purposes, 8 to 10 months, quicker is always better but reality is almost a year from start to finish.


@amberbunny @Marko There are a few instances of people on this forum who have had success with contacting their Senators in order to get the ball moving on packets that have been in the adjudication queue for far too long. Now, whether their packets were actually in adjudication or not is questionable; however, do either of you believe that this course of action would be unwise for candidates who have applied to clandestine positions in the IC?


I am a firm believer of resolving things at the lowest level and that to me means not involving politicians. If you feel you are not getting anywhere with your FSO or Security Rep. then perhaps making them aware of your intent to engage on a higher level might induce them to try harder. It is frustrating when no answers are provided or a status update is not given. Sometimes it is just about finding the right person within an agency who will make it happen.


I know that I wasn’t asked . . . I see no reason NOT to contact your reps but I am not convinced that it makes a difference in most cases. It may determine what committees your rep sits on and it may simply be an issue of getting the right worker in his office assigned to your case. Some will know people who can get a solid status and maybe kick someone to get them started. Others are just going to send a generic letter to, perhaps, the right office and get a generic response.


Thanks, Marko. Point taken. Just wondering if it being a clandestine position would cause a problem, given that a cover identity is eventually assigned to the candidate and only a handful of people are need-to-know in that situation.


I agree with Marko. Honestly until you pass 18 months minimum…you aren’t even slow. Once you pass 24 months, I would engage at higher levels. You can sit in adjudication for a long time. Depending on priority of those in front of you, or severity of issues being weighed, or even having enough adjudicators to go around.


Thanks @amberbunny. Do you have any insights into whether candidates applying to a clandestine role should ask their Senators for a status inquiry on their security processing?


amberbunny, just to make sure I know exactly what you mean, do you mean 18 to 24 months since the SF-86 was submitted or do you mean 18 to 24 months in adjudication?


How long does it take for investigations to go out of scope?


I’ve read of very long waits in adjudication up to 3 years. For my contract, I see 6 to 8 month waits in adjudication. Other folks takes priority and other reasons can cause this. Normal time from zero to 60 no clearance to full scope cleared runs just over 18 months for my contract. If a person is close to 5 years since the last BI, my client will request a new SF86. If it has only been a year or two and they remained in access, they will use as much of the bI as possible. As I understand different parts have different shelf lives. For clandestine positions…I would specifically not involve others. The entire idea there is to remain plain vanilla.


I am starting to get really concerned with my investigation, or the better word impatient. I interviewed with CACI back in April received my offer letter in May and accepted. My Case was scheduled at the start of June. I am going nuts in the security phase. My employer got a letter back in late June to verify my employment. Ever since then I have no knowledge of progress in my investigation. One of my contacts on my SF86 will be leaving the country for half the year and I am concerned if they are unable to reach her that that will delay the process further. I will be in a rural area for CACI but I have nothing but patience normally but cannot understand why this is taking so long. I reached out to OPM and my investigation is “pending” so what does this mean? Ive read other threads and see pending eligibility but nothing that just states “pending” am I still pending a whole investigation. I cannot find the answers anywhere and feel like CACI is no help they just keep saying to contact my OPM/NBIB background investigator at this point I have no clue who that even is.



Thanks amberbunny. I’m thinking people that already have access and are working wouldn’t be at the top of the list–as far as the DoD goes (logic being people that aren’t cleared can’t work). Of course, case complexity is a factor as well.


I’m currently going through a high risk position for employment. Any insight on the background investigation?


From what I heard and was told it is 2 years, but some people have been in adjudication for a long time and never went out of scope. So I guess it varies


It means your investigation is open and being worked on. Nothing you can do but wait.


Two years in adjudication or the investigation being open?