Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


Herbie - no updates on myside other than the CAF keeps wanting another 30 days to get info from another government agency! Crazy since I had a clearance for over twenty years and it was TS/SCI. This job only requires a DOD Secret. I have my Congressman looking into it.


TarryHest - no updates on myside other than the CAF keeps wanting another 30 days to get info from another government agency! Crazy since I had a clearance for over twenty years and it was TS/SCI. This job only requires a DOD Secret. I have my Congressman looking into it.


When you do use the Congressmen route, does a simple email work or is a hand written letter better? Don’t mean to ask in a stupid way but then again this whole process for a secret is outrageous.


Email contact is pretty simple. They all have contact forms on their website. second to that would be a type written letter, not hand written. This is a professional contact and you want to look like you deserve the clearance that you are trying to get.


I don’t know who your Congress Person is but for mine I went to his official web site and under Constituent Services/Help with a Federal Agency. Fill that out and you will get a reply. (At least I did)


Thanks for the update on your case JNordby. No update on mine either. Been sitting at DODCAF for 50+ days now and nothing, didn’t even have an adjudicator assigned as of last week. Here’s hoping we both find out some good news before Thanksgiving!


I posted an update on another thread but forgot to post one in this thread. For anyone interested, my Clearance was adjudicated on Nov 16th, a little over 50 days after DODCAF received it. Hoping everyone else gets some good news soon as well.


Herbie-H, what really helps this site is once you are granted your clearance is to post your time line from start to finish, please make sure what agency clearance its for, ie…DOD, DOS or whoever and what type of clearance, ie, secert, TS, TS/SCI. TS/SCI w Poly…congrats…


I called the security office today and heard that my case has been favorably adjudicated. This is for Secret T3 investigation for a government contractor.

I wanted to post this timeline to point out few things. Contacting your senator’s office during investigation phase helps quite a lot. Once a case is assigned to investigator, it will move fairly quickly. Senator office doesn’t have much say during adjudication. If your file is not adjudicated in first 90 days, it will take quite a while. Assigned adjudicator doesn’t mean much. I had adjudicator assigned to my file for 4-5 months according to CAF. Reading the FOIA records, it shouldn’t have taken more than a day to adjudicate.

Just keep checking every 30 days. To make this less stressful, continue on with your life. Travel, move, find a new job, etc. I started a new job after 1 year into the process. Clearance is not a right, it’s a privilege. In the end, wait is worth it. Good luck to you all and happy thanksgiving!

01/20/2017 - eQip released to DSS
04/05/2017 - Credit check, Investigation began with OPM
10/06/2017 - Contacted Senator #1
10/10/2017 - Feedback received from OPM to Senator’s office
11/07/2017 - Senator’s office: OPM is expediting the background investigation
11/28/2017 - Call from out of area (final job location) NBIB investigator
12/04/2017 - Interview with local NBIB investigator
12/12/2017 - Investigator interviews Reference #1
12/19/2017 - Investigator interviews Reference #2
12/29/2017 - Investigator interviews Reference #3
01/12/2018 - Background investigation closed and sent to DoD CAF for adjudication
01/22/2018 - NBIB FOIA request sent
02/14/2018 - NBIB FOIA documents received
03/12/2018 - Contacted Senator #1 to communicate with CAF
03/xx/2018 - Employer sent RRU. CAF can’t adjudicate. Sending file to higher level adjudicator.
04/18/2018 - Contacted Senator #2 to communicate with CAF. Senator #1 office on standby.
xx/xx/2018 - Response for next few months: DoD CAF Pending adjudication, check back after 15-30 days.
08/xx/2018 - DoD CAF written response to Senator #2. “CAF will take as much time as needed…”
09/05/2018 - Senator #2 office saying they can’t influence DoD
11/19/2018 - DoD CAF - Favorable Adjudication
xx/xx/2019 - Start date pending

Application 74 days
Investigation 283 days
Adjudication 311 days
End-to-end 668 days


You have the patience of a saint. This process is clearly broken two years for a secret clearance.


Do you have any idea what it was requiring adjudication and then higher level of adjudication? If so are you comfortable discussing with us? We like learning how situations are handled and it helps build our knowledge and ability to help others. Thanks for sharing the timelines.


I received a favorable adjudication for T3 Secret today. I’ll post my timeline below. I do want to thank everyone here for being so helpful during the wait.

4/06/18 : SF-86 and fingerprints submitted.
5/16/18 : Eligibility Pending
7/24/18 : Subject interview
10/01/18 : Investigation closed
11/20/18 : Secret clearance granted


@muldoon5 my timeline is below. This was a Tier 5 investigation for a DOD TS:

Jan 2017: eQIP Submitted
July 2018: Interview with Investigator
Sep 19, 2018: Investigation Closed
Nov 16, 2018: Favorable Adjudication from DODCAF


That is about the average time for a TS, congrats Herbie-H


What about an TS/SCI? I have yet to even have my subject interview.

SF86 submitted in early March ‘18.

Credit pulled in mid August ‘18.


I wouldnt start to worry until this time next year…I know that sounds horrible but thats reality for a TS/SCI,



Even if this particular agency does its own security clearance processing?


I cant answer that question, I can only share the current trend for all Agencys, If your agency is DOS which im guessing it is ( you can say what agency thats not considered close hold or anything). might be longer. DOS is sooooooooo slow. Slower than the rest IMO. Regardless, if your credit being pulled is the only forward movement you have then you have barely cracked open the door on the start to finish process. Sorry if this is not what you want to hear and im sure a couple of others on here will chime in. Im just giving you my perspective on past and current trends.


There is NO need to apologize. I appreciate honesty— in my current profession — it’s a given.

With that being said, it’s a DoD agency. (I’m sure you can connect the dots there)…lol.

It is disheartening to know that (possibly) I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface, but hey, it is what it is. And nothing worth fighting/waiting for is ever easy.

I appreciate your candor and honest, opinion wise. Thank you!!!


TS/SCI requires a Tier 5 investigation. I think you are still in the normal timeframe for your agency (Yes, that one). A friend of mine had this timeline for her TS/SCI:

Applied: Feb 2017
Interview: Mar 2017
COE: Apr 2017
Poly: Jun 2017
BI Start: Jul 2017
BI End: Sep 2017
Cleared: Jan 2018