Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


Thanks for the info!

Here’s my timeline:

Applied: April 2017
Interview: December 2017
COE: February 2018
SF86: March 2018
Credit Pulled: August 2018

Radio Silence since…

Send my congratulations along to your friend!


I am so happy that I can finally post my timeline for my TS clearance

04/2017: Conditional Job Offer
05/2017: SF-86 submitted
06/2017: Investigation scheduled
11/2017: Contacted by NBIB Investigator
11/2017: Interview with NBIB Investigator
05/2018: BI Investigation closed
07/2018: Contacted by adjudicator for additional info
11/2018: Clearance granted
11/2018: Contacted by HR for start date

571 total days from COE till clearance was granted. Good luck! Stay strong. Try not to let the clearance process consume your life as it can be overwhelming.

After going through this process I would advise you live your life as if you do not have an offer. Do not make decisions based on the potential to start a cleared job. Put it on the back burner and forget about. Pursue other jobs or activities while you wait.


Congratulations… I wish you the best of luck!!!


Congratulations to you…wish you the best.


Was this for DOD or IC or another one?


Are you told or emailed if your background investigation is completed? Or for those who have heard, did you contact your security officer or whomever?


In my previous job, the security manager with access to JPAS would get a notification. Sometimes the company would get a call from the government security officer a few days before JPAS would update. This was for a periodic update, not an initial clearance.

Just one example of how a person might get notified.


Question: If at any time during a security clearance investigation untoward or derogatory information develops, will an investigator always contact an applicant for a follow-up interview to explain or clarify the information? Or can they just issue an SOR before the applicant gets a chance to tell their side of the story? It doesn’t seem fair that you can be given an SOR and suspended from employment before being given that opportunity. I haven’t been able to find info elsewhere to answer this question.


This hypothetical person probably should just be honest with them and not wait for them to find something that they knew of beforehand. Everyone gets caught.


Well… The question i think is more along the lines of an interview held with BI on 11/2018. Applicant arrested 12/2018. Is it applicants responsibility to notify BI investigator? Or will applicant be contacted for additional information? Not sure how BI investigator would know of new arrest records. Following protocol, applicant should notify FSO, which would lead to JPAS report which would then notify BI investigator I’d guess. If it’s not reported, do the adjunicators pull an updated police report prior to making determination? I feel like that’s a possibility.


Thank you, and I know this, but this doesn’t answer my question. Say they talk to someone who doesn’t like (i.e., neighbor, former employer) the applicant and they say bad things about the applicant. Does the applicant then get a chance to tell their side of the story before being issued a statement of reasons, getting suspended from employment, and racking up thousands of dollars in legal fees?


Hello all, I’m joining the fun. Here is my timeline for TS+poly:

Application: August 2017
COE: April 2018
SF86: May 2018
Poly: July 2018
BI Start: July 2018
BI Finish (I think): August 2018

Nothing since. Never noticed a credit pull but during my BI interview, my investigator had my credit report.


There is a follow-up interview called a Special Interview or SPIN, which may or may not be required. A SPIN can be required in any investigation, if a previously undisclosed suitability/security issue surfaces after an enhanced subject interview was conducted. During a SPIN, the investigator will only cover the security/suitability issue(s) that triggered the SPIN. The purpose of the SPIN is to afford the applicant the opportunity to refute or to confirm and provide details regarding the issue(s).


Still no word whatsoever on mine and it’s just a DOD Secret. This wait time is just crazy!! I contacted my Congressman once again although it doesn’t seem to do much good. We will see…


Just tossing out a data point: friend of mine got his final Secret clearance after about 13 months. He got an interim really fast, just a few weeks.

Says somebody where he works has been waiting 14 months for TS… and counting.


Your organization can pay to have your clearance expedited. I have seen questionaires filled out in August 2018 speak with an investigator in late September of 2018.

If the position is important, the person can be cleared quickly.


Had an issue come up where my FSO checked on it and it said open as of the end of October of this year even though previously it said closed investigation at the beginning of October. I have never seen that and I’ve been following this website for a long time.

Current T5 timeline:
July 19th, 2017 – Submitted eQIP
July 26th, 2017 – OPM Scheduled (Investigation)
June 27th, 2018 – Security Personnel submitted change from Reinvestigation to T5
June 28th, 2018 – Fingerprints Submitted
July 31st, 2018 – Interview with Background Investigator
September 26th, 2018 – BI Interviews final reference
October 1st, 2018 – Investigation Closed


Cases undergo a quality review after closing and can get reopened if something was not done or a new item came up.


December 2016 Submitted eQIP
March 2017 - Interim TS granted
September 2018 - Interview with Background Investigator
December 2018 - Status : Open

Over 2 years now, FSO says it still shows open.


That is interesting. What kind of items for example would need to be done if they were overlooked previously? I had an education update via SF-86C the investigator was not interested in seeing during my interview previously. That would be the only thing I could think of and that was sent very shortly after submission.