Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


So I got a reply today from adjudications on the “sensitive matter” that they wanted to discuss. They want my mental healthcare providers at the VA to fill out some forms about me. Should I be worried now?


No, I don’t think so. My only question would be, did you disclose mental health treatment on the initial SF-86? I only ask because I wonder why they did not ask for release forms sooner… I assume they are looking for release forms to allow them to talk to the VA?

I know a guy who is worried because he did not disclose VA related issues because he was told be the VA that he did not have to tell anyone. Did the VA tell you something similar? Just asking, understand if you don’t want to go into details.


They want a medical professional to weigh in on an issue, doctors that have treated you and know you and your situation, usually it’s just a yea/nay on whether it would affect your ability to hold confidence.


Yes, it was disclosed on the sf86 and discussed with the investigator. I suspect it ties into the alcohol related incident. I was informed that they forwarded my security file to the DOS Bureau of medical services and they informed adjudication that they cannot render a recommendation without input from my treatment team.


Good day!
DOS Clearance through my company
I wonder if anyone been waiting too long like me, here is what I know about my time line:

Equip submitted in 06-01-2016
Subject interview 09-20-2016
Credit pulled (Don’t know how to look for this)!!
Investigation completed and moved to adjudication* Aug 2017
Last update: Adjudication for Secret in Progress 7-25-2018

Do you know what is my last statues update means? It’s been to long, is this normal case for the time being? My company patient is running out and I might loss my job, even though the didn’t say it but I can fell it :frowning:
Thank you.


There is a thread here regarding how troublesome and long the wait is. I submitted mine in Sept 2018, have not heard anything about it. Mine was/is DOD to a DOS Secret. According to my FSO/SSO, this is a 8-10 mos process.

Some experts here are saying it could be longer as in a over a year. Your timeline is starting to set some records. Best wishes.



You’re longer than me and I have one of the longer ones here.

eQuip submitted in August 2016
Interview: July 2018
Investigation still open…


Ohh waw! The only good thing is, no news is good news! But for how long :frowning:


I just got a call today from my VA therapist today telling me my records were sent to med services. They even offered to send me a copy of the form. I hope this is a good sign, as maybe they wouldn’t be as willing to send me a copy if it said bad things. I could be wrong, I don’t know. God I can’t wait to be out of this hellhole that is the security clearance process. So help me god and mark my words, I will NEVER apply for a clearance or work a federal job again after this is done. I plan to write a very snarky email to DS/SI/PSS once this is all over.


I agree with you, the federal jobs are not what they used to be. As recent events show there is no job security with these jobs and going through a security clearance process is NOT worth the stress. Being under a microscope all your life for a job that can be shutdown at any moment is just not a good idea any more.


This is for DOE “L” Clearance

Submitted Equip - 08/18/2018
Investigation Requested - 08/23/2018
Investigation Results Received - 10/18/2018

Interim Denied - 01/07/2019

Nothing since, no interview, no credit pull, no one contacted, just email from company/HR saying they got word from FSO that interim was denied.

HR mentioned an “estimated” timeline based on averages they have seen says clearance could be granted around ~May 19’. I assume since investigation results were received back in Oct 18’ that my interim was denied that there might be some reinvestigating going on. I have a pretty good (aka “boring”) background, so maybe that might be the issue ?


Just an update: after sending forms completed by my treatment providers at the VA, I’ve received an email asking me to schedule an appointment for an assessment by the department of state mental health services? What could this be for? Does it mean my providers gave disqualifying information?


If your providers gave disqualifying information, you would be disqualified and there would be no need for further evaluation. You previous providers can only provide information on your previous situation. The professionals that they want you to meet with will evaluate your current state of mind.


I’ve heard of this, it is usually just a conversation about your experiences, I think it can even be done over the phone. I don’t think the doctor is going to lie you down on a couch and try to psychoanalyze you.

Most of the IC agencies do a psychological eval on staff applicants; maybe State only does it when the person has had contact with a mental health professional. And that is becoming increasingly routine and not the red flag it may have been in years gone by.


I found out today that they are wanting me to fly to Washington, D.C. for this in-person meeting with a psychologist. They said allow 3-4 hours to complete the assessment.


Could anybody weigh in on what this might entail?


If it is anything like the psych eval for IC agencies (and I have no idea if it is), there will be a questionnaire-type exam followed by a meeting with a mental help professional after they have looked at the results.


I got my final this week! It’s just a couple weeks short of a year since I submitted my e-QIP.


You’ll take a 200-question or so test, then you’ll see a psychologist who may or may not be intentionally mean/grumpy to try to test how you deal with that sort of gruffness. He or she will then go through any “problem” questions 1 by 1.


I’m getting the sense it rarely turns out well when it gets to this level. By “problem” questions, do you mean questions on the test?