Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


They are just following protocols, I believe that once you do your assessment in DC, you will look back and see that you were making more out of it than it is. It seems to me that you do not have any experience with this, so why assume it will turn out negatively? If this is the right fit for you and the agency, it will turn out well.


Anyone familiar with typical timeline after poly interview? (Initial)
Nov17 - submitted
May 18 - interview
Feb 19 - still nothing!
15 months & counting.

I was told that they are backlogged and its taking adj 8 months… or longer… ? Am I any day now?
(BI is done & poly favorable) … No issues. No calls.


Just FYI on timelines. I submitted my T5R on 4/25/2018, Investigation closed 10/22/2018 and Adjudication 12/13/2018. Best time ever!
When I was a BI with CACI…worst was a foreign Subject that kept changing residences and employment…he signed paperwork 2.5 years before I got it…
Basic guidance is that if the SF86 has any foreign relations, foreign contacts, etc., those will take the longest. Good luck with all of you that are still waiting…


Hello i am new to this process. Can someone explain what does pending mean and that OPM is putting my file together? I am confidential clearance so very low will work on installation with soldiers and families


All - hey the contractor I applied for gave the job to another person with an current DOD Secret clearance. Mine has been stuck in adjudication since July. Question? what will happen to mine if the contractor withdraws their sponsorship? I sure don’t want to start all over from scratch!


It doesn’t hurt to reach out to your congressman or senator to inquire about the adjudication status. I contacted my senator and he reach out to them right away. Sure enough it went through a couple of weeks after.

Not sure about your question though…


Ask the company . . . Depending on their size and expectations, they very well may continue to sponsor you expecting to have a different opening when your approval comes through.


Giving an update and hope to some people holding out

May 2018: SF86 Submitted
Jul 2018: Med/poly/psych
Jan 2019: On-boarding begins


What Department/Agency?


Two years since SF86 submittal this month. Wee!


Also curious what level and agency


Almost exact timeline minus the on boarding. Ha!


I was scheduled to do my psych eval for DOS on March 20th. DOS had to rescheduled it for April 17th. However, I found out last night that I have been accepted to law school for this fall. I think I will just resign before that and forego this psych eval. I know this will likely mean I will go into loss of jurisdiction. But if I lose this clearance and my job, this will create very difficult to overcome barriers to aspirations to my becoming an Attorney. Anyone have any thoughts?


For a SECRET Clearance. Prior US military service and held a SECRET 20 years ago.

  • July 2016 SF-86 Submitted
  • July 2016 Fingerprints submitted
  • May 2017 OPM Interview
  • July 2017 Interim Secret Clearance granted, later expired.
  • Jan 2018 Investigation complete, file sent for adjudication
  • April 2018 Security Office contacts DODCAF told “awaiting report from an outside agency”
  • May 2018 Congressional Inquiry by my Representative
  • January 2019 Congressional inquiry by my Senator
  • February 2018 Favorable adjudication after inquiries from


I’m sitting on over a year for my secret clearance thus far and hoping to get information and cleared before I leave the company in August. My timeline is:

  • Feb 15th, 2018: SF-86 Sent in.
  • March 1st, 2018: SF-86 Submitted
  • July 2nd, 2018: Interim clearance denied.
  • Feb 13th, 2019: Interview

I contacted my investigator today(March 5th, 2019) and was told it was already submitted.

Does that mean it was submitted for adjudication? Or just submitted for review?

Also, does anyone have a general idea of the wait after that? I’ve ready anywhere from 20 days to some people waiting over a year or two.



If you just had your interview you still have at least 6 months to a year depending on how complicated your case is.


Good news! I just received a call from my security manager stating that I have received favorable determination by the adjudicator. My time line

  • 2-15-18 Submitted SF-86 for Secret Clearance.

  • 3-15-18 Interim secret clearance granted. Investigation and contacts contacted. 5-3-18.

  • 8-28-18 Investigation completed. Closed 08/28/18. send to CAF (DISS)

  • 9-16-18 Request for Financial Information(RFI). Never received because new system (DISS not completely switch over yet). 10-16-18 second request sent out… Still never received request for documents.

  • 1-6-18. Interim clearance cut. SOR issued.

  • 1-10-18. Replied to SOR with the help of security manager. Documents etc… attached and submitted to DISS.

  • 1-14-19. Assigned to Adjudicator. While waiting…with help of our security manager uploaded all documents from SOR as I paid them off. It was 3 items on my credit that I knew nothing about. A College loan from 10 years ago… that was not put in my loan repayment. Long story short I got on a payment plan and took care of the debit. And uploaded the banking statement to my file.

  • 3-5-19. Favorable Adjudication. Now just have to wait for it to post in both systems.

Waiting for adjudication time was a little less then 2 months after I turned in my SOR… Start to finish about year. 2-18 to 3-19. Hope this helps.


so the payment plan was the way to mitigate any debts? thanks


Yes. From my understanding they just want to know how and what you are doing to take care of your debts. The more information the better. Pay-off letters, payment plans, bank statements etc… this will speed up the process.


I can’t really say I’m experiencing many delays, at least not yet anyway, because I know how it can get. MY TL is:

June 2018 – Applied
August 2018 – Email to schedule interview
September 2018 – Onsite Interview
November 2018 – CJO
November 2018 – SF86 Submitted
December 2018 – Credit Pulled
January 2019 – Request for additional credit report info
February 2019 – Contacted by BI’s
February 2019 – PRSI
March 2019 – Poly scheduled