At what point does IC clearance processing become a lost cause?

@Waffles both in 2019? If so, that’s super fast…

My psyc and poly happened within a month or so after my BI interview. Good luck!

Yes, both 2019.

4/2019 - Interview
5/2019 - CJO
7/2019 - SF86 Submitted
8/2019 - BI Interview (myself and references)

My recruiter said the Poly/Pysch should happen sometime in the next few months. It does seem like it’s moving fast. Which I assume is really great or really bad.


I think it might depend on the agency, whether you do a poly and an interview before the BI and visa versa. I had a poly done a year ago exactly, when the lady said “I am picking up something “ but I will still recommend you and I they (HQ) have questions, they will contact you. So given that it’s been a year since and I am still in BI and no one contacted me about additional poly, should I assume no one has a problem with it and I just have to wait for BI to conclude?

That’s fast in comparison to what others have experienced/noted. That’s awesome!

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I would assume that y’all will all be hearing something soon! The backlog is caught up


If you already had significant travel, adding more isnt going to affect it much if at all. Even if you make it through the entire process, there is still a chance they dont hire you. When they told you to live your life like normal, they meant it. You might end up regretting it if something comes up again and you dont take it.

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Something else came up that worked out instead of traveling this summer. And, I hear what you’re saying about even making it through the process and not getting hired. I wonder what percentage of people that is that that happens to?

I made a conscious decision not to travel so that I didn’t lengthen my time of processing, fully knowing the risks in the decision.


I would imagine over 66% for NSA and probably 75% for CIA.


That seems awfully high, really hope that those of us so have been waiting with no progress get answers soon.


Any experience on whether this includes development programs? I know some of the folks I met when I went to suitability processing were being put into one of those programs.

I know right …?! I’m not sure knowing those approximate estimates helps with the waiting.

Just curious, were you assigned a hiring ambassador? If you don’t want to answer I totally understand. I’m just trying to see if they are assigning everyone to one.

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No worries, my person is referred to as a “recruiter”. I’m assuming that is the same as a hiring ambassador…?

No they are separate entities, interesting to note

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maybe different agencies or different departments … ?

Thats a good point. My wife wants to go on vacation. I dare not go to say Mexico or something like that out the country having to pause my process in fear it never will get restarted again.
Same as change jobs. Just afraid to do anything that will make the process longer. I dont even bother my recruiter I MIGHT check in 4 or 5 months from now.
So Desk is right. Things like moving, changing jobs, promotions all imo will make the process longer So we really arent living our lives. Im sitting on about 150+ hours of vacation time I wont use. I know I can always do something within the USA but thats not the type of vacations we like to take. So worse case Ill have a nice fat last check whenever if ever I get the call.

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I feel your pain on the traveling situation, and I too am doing my best not to do anything that will make the process longer.

I’ve thought about Puerto Rico and other islands that are considered “domestic” travel not requiring a passport. That may be an option.

You should live your life. What happens if you end up getting dropped from the process without explanation? There are some folks reporting on other boards that made it through the clearance process and were dropped from the candidate pool while waiting on a position. I dont think that any foreign travel is going to add a significant amount time to your process, nor will taking a new job.

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Question. Is it highly possible to make it thru everything. Poly, background etc just to be told that the position you interviewed for is no longer available? That would hurt. Or do you think they’d fine something else within your field you could do or something they could train you up in to do?

I would imagine that finding candidates that make it thru the entire process is few and far in between and they wouldn’t want to waste said candidate or the money and time that went into processing them just to let them walk because the original position they interviewed for is no longer available.

Yes this happened to me. I was offered a position in another part of the country, which I denied. I had to go through the entire hiring process again.