Back taxes and A&B Misdemeanor on police officer (Public Trust)

I owe about 7k in back taxes for 2018 & 2014. Current on my payment plan with the IRS.

I have an assault and battery misdemeanor on a Police Officer in 2015. No one was injured. More like a shoving match. Outcome was suspended jail sentence and fine.

Low/Med Risk Public Trust for short term DOL project.

What are my chances?

They’ll ask if the back taxes were an error or if you had unreported income or did something illegal. On the assault they’ll want to know if it is over, as in probation complete, nothing whatsoever outstanding. Also check your state laws regarding possibly dismissing the misdemeanor, some states have avenues to remove it. Not that it changes the fact it happened, it just shows the state has that much more trust in you.

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2018 I picked up a 1099 job and didnt understand the tax implications. By the end of the year I ended up owing more than I expected. 2014 I believe I cashed out an employee stock option that showed up in my mailbox. I didnt report it. I thought the taxes were taken out and reported as stated in the documentation. It was the first and currently the only time Ive dealt with stocks.

The misdemeanor unfortunately can not be removed. Thanks for the suggestion. I never received probation. Just a fine and suspended jail time. I have no obligations to the courts.

This project seems to be moving fairly quickly. Given my circumstances do you think the decision will be delayed or require further investigation? I rather not hold up my team/company and withdrawal my name if thats the case. Not mention its rather embarrassing.

The 1099 and stock cash-out tax issues make sense, and you are not hiding them. One is easily an oversight, and since they are a few years apart maybe they’ll both be a simple error. I bet you look real close at paperwork at tax time now!

Shame about the misdemeanor not being suppressed by the court system, but at least it’s only a misdemeanor.

I’m not a background investigator but I do have a past that makes you look like Mother Theresa. At one time I was severely embarrassed about all my errors but I have learned to dance with the skeletons in my closet. made mistakes, learned lessons, don’t repeat them (important), and let time work in your favor. From where I sit the misdemeanor is the only flag but five years of being a nice guy is good to have. Ten years is better but you have to wait for that, hehe. In my first background check I had expected them to come back and deport me. Honesty and candor go a long way in showing your true colors. Sounds to me like you’ll be fine. Please report back with the results for all of us!