Back to the field

It’s definitely going to be tough trying to meet sources in person again. Sources are way more willing to conduct telephone interviews.


Nope. Not most.

A lot of folks are on contracts with 95-100% telework posture.


Maybe the private sector, most feds are back.

In person effective 5/16 after working remotely for over 2 years…and ZERO guidance …what a joke.


Yes most people will choose convenience of a phone interview and never mention any legitimate COVID concern but it appears from what I am hearing and the guidance out so far is that DCSA and many other agencies will still allow for telephone interviews regardless of COVID concerns and for convenience purposes like they have been doing anyways for the lat two years to cut costs and be timely with the work they are providing. DCSA doesn’t want to go back to a backlog environment.

I am sure that those that have legitimate COVID-19 related concerns will still be allowed to be interviewed by phone but it remains to be seen if it needs to be a legitimate COVID concern and not just because of convenience of the person being interviewed because they don’t want to meet in person because it will take more effort on their part to make themselves available.

I welcome this change wholeheartedly for the sake of better quality investigations and for the sake of national security.


You continue to spew this narrative that national security has suffered as a result of using the telephone but this is your opinion and not facts. Subjects and sources have been far more candid with me over the phone and I have developed significantly more developed information since being able to interview via telephone. Many of us who actually talk to other FI’s (and not just on an online forum) are in agreement about this and that sources in particular are also far more willing to participate via telephone. And how a huge number of people we interview are still working from home because companies have recognized it is a valuable perk to keep good employees, it keeps costs down and often actually increases productivity. Also have you seen the price of gas lately?

One FI mentioned today that he felt the few investigators (likely over age 55) who are so vocal about the importance and necessity of getting back into the field for “the sake of national security” are simply doing so for their own personal agenda - need to dress up and feel important, like flashing their badge, are so programmed as a Baby Boomer to believe it’s not truly work if done at home, need space from the spouse and kids, hate sitting at home on the phone, etc etc etc. DING, DING, DING!


When I read the thread title, I’ll that goes through my head is N2Deep’s, ‘Back to the Hotel.’

Depends on the agency.

A lot of Feds are on majority telework posture as well.

Has anyone at CACI actually received any official guidance on going out into the field? We got the email a week or so ago stating that this was our “notice” that we would be returning to the field…but nothing since then. I have heard from friends in other companies that the date is Monday and we are going in the field (my supervisor still thinks it will be mostly by telephone). It is all speculation with no official word. Some of us need more than a 24 hours notice. What about all the appointments I have already made for next week? I don’t see how this is financially advantageous to CACI to keep us all in the dark.


Same here. Not a peep from upper mgmt. Just rumor about Monday. I just picked up cases that are no where near me, so not sure what DCSA is thinking.
Not sure how this will play out. Less staff now due to covid RIF’s, DCSA only going to offer 2 Companies the contract, and going back to the field. I see immediate backlog in DCSA’s future…

Can any of the fed staff offer any insight as to what “being back in the field” looks like? I heard you have all been in the field since this past Monday….

We probably will get an email with full guidance late Friday afternoon after everyone is done for the week.


Ha, yeah right. As if CACI would send out anything before COB Friday. They get it wrong, every single time. Poor planning to the core without fail.


As with everything we will be told there is an immediate change, given a guidance email with 100 pages of confusing information and given 1 hour to read it/charge it to our timesheet, then be expected to be experts at all the new changes, reprimanded by our team leader if we get something wrong, then follow up emails with changed guidance, etc.


This is going to be a nightmare. There aren’t enough people to go around.


You hit the nail on the head and are 100% correct.

Fed guidance, 100% in person. Phone/video interviews need supervisory approval.

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It is Friday….and still no news from CACI. Surprised, but not a surprise. Surprised only because again, it cannot be financially advantageous to caci to have us cancel all our appointments for next week (my work is not in my area).

Still can’t believe that we will be 100% in person….that is different than it was even before Covid….

I have no skin in the game and don’t care if we are in person or by telephone (although I am a member of the camp that thinks we get the same information either way)…I just want to know, so I can plan (work and family-wise).


The policy was dropped on us last Friday.

In person is the first choice with VTC now being in the tool box for places/people where in person can’t be done. Records are still the same. Must follow the org’s masking rules, if any, without fuss.

This is about the only change without discussing the HPCON system.


Not surprised. CACI does not care about its investigators…just how much money the higher ups can fill their pockets with. I used to think USIS was bad, but CACI is worse, much worse. Pre-Covid we could interview sources and get records via telephone and write it off “due to geographical distance”. I would think that will still apply. My team lead has no problem assigning me sources/records that are 150 miles away and I’ll be damned if I’m going to drive a 300 mile round trip just to interview 1 source.