Background Investigation Interview - Job Disclosure

Hello - I did not include a part-time job (ups store) that I worked for 1 month on the SF86. I was let go. Reason the sole proprietor said I had my hands in my pocket (not when customers were around). Literally had photos of me with my hands in my pocket. It’s so silly and then the owner sent me a linkedin invite months later. How should I handle this during the interview? Thank you.

Why didn’t you list it if it was so silly? If you have an interview, let the investigator know about the job and be ready to provide the same information that you needed for other jobs listed. It’s not going to matter that you were let go.

As far as the LinkedIn invite, users often send invites to everybody on their email contact list or his contacts may have been hacked and the invite sent out. You never know an shouldn’t worry about it.

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Will do. Thanks for the response.