Background/ Suitability

Good afternoon, I’m 35 private investigator for 10 years. Passed everything including the poly and on the field investigation aspect with only a drug test to go. Clean credit other than something I’ve cleaned up years ago like 5/6 years ago. However, I used cocaine as a privatized CO 10/11 years ago and immediately told the prison and got myself in order on light duty before returning. I was terminated/resigned and fought and won unemployment because it was bogus. I feel however, the prison incident will be the kicker here in the eyes of the adjudicator here, what are your thoughts? Thanks

I know there is a “have you EVER” question about drug use while holding a clearance and maybe also while serving as a law enforcement officer (and I suppose being a corrections officer at a privately run prison counts). It is at least an issue they will want to look into. The fact that you reported it right away is probably a positive factor, as well as the fact that it has been 10 years or so.

Is this for another law enforcement type job? Maybe not a sworn/carrying position but something LE related? That could make it a little more of a concern.

Officer position. I had to see two doctors during the medical phase that cleared me and I passed dhs medical review that they requested. I was never sworn in at the prison or did an academy there it was basically classroom and ojt