CACI bit off more than they can chew?

I’m at Peraton currently and also extremely busy. I was in an area with 5-6 investigators and in span of two months the all other investigators quit and they haven’t been able to hire any new investigators. They have literally only interviewed one person since September, no one is applying.

I have a friend working for Peraton in an area that has historically had 6 nvestigators and they now have 1 or 2. They have not hired to replace people…bad sign…what’s going on with them?

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I agree with everything you said.

Btw, the reason I worked off the clock was due partly to the constant pressure from management and making short deadlines and partly due to my OCD and insecurity (“What’s wrong with me?? Why can’t I meet deadlines and close cases assigned to me??”).


Meanwhile DCSA hired a bunch of agents in various areas who didn’t need prior federal service or have veterans preference.

They’re paying newbies next to nothing…they won’t last. If it looks like the ship is sinking come over to Paragon formerly SCIS.

I understand to some extent why you did it and the pressure you were under. But that’s the problem. It skews the averages. Because I am assuming 50% or more people work off the clock to meet deadlines and performance standards even when those production standards are not reasonable. It doesn’t help to solve the problem. It only exacerbates the problem.

It takes people of integrity and conviction to not wilt under pressure. It’s similar to people that won’t comply and get vaccinated under pressure against their will or threat of losing their job. I applaud people that don’t wilt under the pressure.


No one is happy with the source unit production expectation game. But, it’s an inevitable fact of the business. This job has so much freedom and independence and such an unaccountability factor that it’s really the only way to track any sort of competence or performance. I often wonder why is it the “level 6” investigator is the highest hourly source unit per hour production stat? It seems unrealistic enough…but why not raise it to level 10 or more if people are performing at that level why not?

I didn’t think I could be less impressed with the way CACI handles most of anything but this DHS roll-out… what an absolute horror story. Like someone mentioned above, I’m an experienced investigator that is capped in salary. And they want me to continue to work until I can hardly come up for air? These people are crazy, money hungry drones. What an absolute mess.


Prior to covid there were mini breaks when an occasional item was reassigned providing just enough time to complete items. Since covid nothing is being reassigned because everything is now done by phone and they increased workloads because of no driving making it impossible to complete cases on time. I barely come up for air and have never worked this hard in 21 years. Dcsa audits are like a wanna be who finally got power and spun off the planet.


DCSA audits? What are you referring to?

Don’t do it!! It doesn’t help you or other investigators.


Yes! This is my biggest complaint. I was one of the top producers on my team even though the ridiculous PBA rankings and they capped me. They now get the wtpd they pay me for. I no longer over produce.


Gotta vent a little…Just recently it was “3 days to schedule the ESI and then transmit it within 2 days”, now it is “pile on the cases…” Basically, this says that ALL MANAGEMENT has no idea what they are doing (nothing revelatory, I know), but it is more irritating these days.


I for one am sick of being asked to work OT during holiday weeks where I am not eligible to receive OT pay.


I feel the same way…except now I am being TOLD to work overtime hours. OT is now mandatory because CACI f’ed up and has all these contracts even though they dont have the investigators necessary to meet all their customer demands. Im also sick of investigators who think this is okay and normal and have pride in the amount of OT they work. CACI definitely about to do another one of those OT contests. “Who in our company can do the most overtime hours this month? We messed up and need to overwork you all so we can make the big bucks…but lets do a contest to see who can do the most work for a lil bit of OT pay!!! Winner will also get (insert electronic device here/gift card/company merchandise)”


Mandatory overtime can often break federal and/or state labor laws. Check with your local department of labor office. Don’t be pushed into shoddy sloppy work.


I don’t miss being a contractor.


I hope you all got the new December “bonus” (not sure that is the correct word here). It is a discretionary bonus for an unknown amount to be determined later. Oh, and you have to work 147 hours this month to qualify….with near perfect quality….let me think about it….nope! Happy Holidays!!


Not to mention (which I am going to mention), the email came out on the 10th of the month - but started on the 1st. Very compelling! Also, the email was sent pretty late in the day (such a high priority). I filed it under CS (to quote Harrison Ford in American Graffiti).


At 115% production. Eat ■■■■. I’m so close to being done.