Can i apply to reside in a different country

<b>I am curious on a question that even my SSO can not answer. My boyfriend is a Swedish citizen and we are considering for me to apply for a SAMBO visa to be able to live in Sweden but still retain my citizenship of the US. Is this even possible? The SAMBO visa is good for two years, almost like a extended tourist visa, since I am NOT getting a residence visa to Sweden.I currently have a TS/SCIband have disclosed my relationship already to my SSO

Living in another country is not in itself an issue, however, because you have TS/SCI access this information must be reported immediately to the SSO of the agency that processed your SCI application to the CIA. They will review the information and may have you interviewed to determine of there are concerns regarding foreign contacts or foreign preference. As long as you are not actively seeking to renounce your U.S. citizenships or participating in foreign elections, obtaining property, or other government entitlements then any concerns should be mitigated.