Can I get re-cleared 10+ years after having my clearance suspended, and being fired/quit, after misdemeanor conviction?

About 13 years ago I in my early twenties and had a TS/SCI clearance. I was involved in a bar fight and arrested. My lawyer said my best deal was to plead to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. As soon as I was arrested and charged, my job suspended my clearance which ultimately left me unpaid so I decided to just quit and find another job. I had saved up quite a bit of money in my youth and decided to travel the world and took odd jobs in several countries doing everything from teaching to IT work to earn extra money. I was everywhere from friendly countries in the EU to unfriendly countries (per U.S. standards) in the middle east and Asia. I went through two passports which are filled with stamps from all over the globe. I lived good and enjoyed life.

Covid-19 hit and I eventually moved back to the U.S. I’m am looking for jobs again now and I’m wondering if I can get jobs that require a TS/SCI again? I understand that on the SF86 I only have to answer questions as they pertain to the past 10 years of my life. Since my conviction was over 10 years ago, I should not have to mention it, correct?

I assume that my previous clearance suspension was never adjudicated since I resigned. However, it has been over 10 years so maybe the situation expired. Can anyone provide examples of people that had similar situations as myself that were able to get re-cleared? Thoughts, comments, predictions? Can I omit my criminal conviction from the past?

If arrest was a felony charge, then will be required to be listed, ever question. What you plead to does not matter. If alcohol related, will need to be listed, ever question. Clearance suspension will have to be listed, ever question.

All your foreign travel in the last 10 years will need to be listed. Seven years in the foreign travel section, 10 years in the resident and employment sections.

Foreign employment, income, contacts, bank accounts all show up in other sections on the SF-86 which will have to be listed.

I would be extra diligent in filling out the SF-86 as far as your foreign exploits (travel, residences, employments, finances, contacts) are concerned. Your arrest is the least of your hassles.

Closest situation I know of was a guy who got involved in some kind of situation where he sponsored a non-relative immigrant and yada yada yada they pulled his SCI. Maybe ten years later, maybe a bit more, he got it back.

Many contract companies do a pre-screen using a form that is similar to the SF-86. They may not want to get involved in what could be a long investigation/adjudication process.

Note well what @fed-investigator says, read all the questions carefully, answer honestly and make sure you have all the relevant info on hand… may not need to enter every last detail on the SF-86 but the investigator will almost certainly want to see it.