Candidate Processing Update

I got this message this morning…what does it mean

*Due to foreign connections (which may include family, travel,education, employment), your case requires additional security processing. The additional processing is to ensure that you meet the adjudicative criteria for the access to sensitive compartmented information SCI as set forth in SEAD which serves as an intelligence community policy

We do not know the time line…if we do have a question, we will contact you

Did you already do your polygraph?

Was your TS already adjudicated?

It means exactly what it says. They will contact you if they need additional information.

It also serves as notice that your case processing time has now lengthened.

All you can do is be patient and wait and see.

I have not done the polygraph yet.

I don’t know if I have been adjudicated yet.

I have been on this since last year…

They sent a message that things would slow because of Covid19.
They asked for some financial documents because of somethings that was in my credit due to my ex wife hospital bill.( it was all cleared and receipts sent to them).
That’s all I know

As someone with a wife and three (3) kids from a FVEY country (children are dual national), I received a ‘extended adjudication’ response from PSD when my CJO checked with them directly vs looking up my status in SC. I had an ‘unresolved’ polygraph completed, full BI submitted along with interview and am now just sitting on my hands. My only saving grace is that we have been notified that I was assigned to an Adjudicator sometime middle/late Jan '21.

I’ve been told a ‘blue/gold’ schedule is still implemented so COVID is certainly impacting things as these guys (adjudicators) are NOT able to work from home and instead swap out on their visits to the building. Take this with a grain of salt but similar to your situation.

Sorry for the dumb questions, but does ‘blue/gold’ mean anything else besides alternating schedules?

Correct. I’ve heard it from the IC and DoD both so I’m assuming it’s just their designator for the two ‘teams’ of folks that go into work…so as to minimize the total number of warm bodies in whatever building they sit.

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Makes sense. Some friends who work around DC are on rotating schedules still, especially if they spend time in a SCIF. A retired IC individual who now contracts said a lot of the onboarding is very ‘hands on,’ so that probably causes some delays too.