Clearance crossover issues

I contacted the Polygraph Unit and was told that my FSP is showing in both Phoenix and SC, and that if there was an issue with SC, it’d be the ODNI’s fault because it was recorded in Phoenix. Apparently ODNI uploads it from Phoenix to SC themselves, and thats why I’m wondering if the wrong polygraph is in the system from the previous offer/BI from the first Agency job I lost.

I also can’t locate a security officer within the FBI-- my supervisor is wholly unhelpful and as I’m a more remote employee, I don’t have actual access to anyone except over email and the phone. I might call HR and see if they can help me. Thank you so much for your input! I might bug you a little bit more if I can in the near future.

Oh boy, this is what I’m afraid of–being permanently stuck because of something like this. Thanks for your response!

Based on what I know “unadjudicated info” Is not related to a missing polygraph in some system. @Amberbunny2 has been super helpful perhaps they can chime in here.

You mentioned you applied 3 years ago and offer was rescinded, how far did you get in terms of BI, poly, med etc?

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I was just starting the BI, as far as I know. I’d just submitted my SF-86 to them and went through poly, med, and psych. It was just a few weeks after all that when I received the revocation notice, and they explicitly stated that it wasn’t a clearance denial and I hadn’t failed the poly. I imagine they didn’t start the BI and they likely just cut me shortly after the poly/med/psych appointment day.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe that poly was uploaded to my SC somehow, and stands in place of my successful poly and BI with the FBI. I’m not sure that’s how it works. I tried contacting HRD and was then told that they have no idea who to contact and had zero names for me, so I’m hunting and pecking for someone who can help at the Bu.

Even if that poly was uploaded in SC it wouldn’t take the place of anything, anyone with access would be able to see all polys taken and the dates. Just an educated Guess and lots of speculation here, but it is possible some information was disclosed/uncovered during your last go around with them that is now “unadjudicated information”, meaning an adjudicator has not weighed in on. As far as I know only way to resolve that is to have a new investigation with that particular agency and have them adjudicate

If you have access to FBInet at your work location, find your division/section/unit org charts and contact people up the chain until someone can help you find someone who can do this lookup for you.

If all else fails, call 1500, tell them you need to report a security violation but don’t know who to talk to about it. That will get the attention of the right people. :smiley: Seriously, though, SecD should be able to help you if all else fails. See if they have a help desk…or call 1500 to see if they can find a contact.

To think the preeminent spy agency and law enforcement agencies of the US will “fax” anything and accept as golden. Sigh.

Anytime a new BI is opened, and I’ve been told a new SF86 submitted…that info…even if it is your relative page…has not been vetted by a certified adjudicator. One charged with weighing evidence and pronouncing “Go/No Go.” As absurd as it sounds, and is, anyone opening an initial investigation…and seeing it through to adjudication ends the issue. I find it absolutely ludicrous, particularly if you are in access, badged, and actively working. Sometimes the simple things aren’t so simple. Even senior agency officials use the term “unadjudicated info” like a scary boogeyman. Ifn I were King/Queen/ruler of all thongs clearance…I would end that practice. Show me negative or questionable info uncovered? Absolutely vett and wait. Show me empty data points? Sorry, not happening. Is it a slight risk tradeoff? Yes. Aren’t all life decisions like that? Is that not the difference between leadership and management? That each agency runs it’s own internal clearance systems marked “FBI Eyes Only” or CIA, DNA, whatever…they don’t trust each other. I wonder if we should trust them?

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Tried crossing from FBI employee to DoD contractor. Never worked after 6 months despite people internally saying they saw it on SC and my company saying they were handling it. I gave up and left when they said they wanted to do a new TS/SCI.

How about DoD to FBI? Any issues there?

I’m crossing my fingers that a company will sponsor me then–I have a few ideas, but who knows at this point. Thanks for all your help!

Do you know if a re-investigation by my current employer would clear this up? I’m not due to start one for another 2.5 years, but if nothing works currently and I can’t find a company willing to sponsor me for a new clearance, I’d like to know if there’s a light at any end of the tunnel.

What did you do after you gave up? Just left the clearance world altogether?

Don’t hold your breath on your five-year happening at five years. There was a large backlog when I left. My division had people that hadn’t been reinvestigated in 8 or 9 years. I was told right before I left that I wasn’t even remotely near being put in the queue and I was right at six years since my last BI.

The coronavirus isn’t making things any faster, I imagine, either.

I think it would. Right now it seems so.eone opened a BI. Once opened, none of that was adjudicated, even if it was just your name. A re investigation should take precedence and gather all information, including the unadjudicated info, get it adjudicated, and give thumbs up or down.

The clearance nonsense just pissed me off too far for me to stay. I work in engineering which has plenty of work cleared or not. I was doing uncleared stuff at the company, even though they brought me in to do cleared work, but I left for greener grass. I

I can chime in from personal experience here. I tried crossing over before a new BI with my current agency, and after the BI was complete (I had a super speedy BI that took 3 months). Still got hit with unadjudicated info when I tried crossing over.

That seems to indicate a collection of info post BI. Developed or reported info, or continuous evaluation. I know when I pushed adjudicators to explain it deeper…they clammed up and took the position I was asking “specific incident info” on a candidate. That was nonsense, but it was like a script they followed. I know I pushed too far several times and got that line. Fascinating.

Thank you for everyone’s contributions, you’ve all really helped to broaden my understanding of how this process works (however randomly and seemingly without reason at times.) I’ll definitely update if I have any news and please feel free to post more if you think of anything else that might help!

I had the same issue. My arose from having a FS poly in JPAS and SC BUT, it was never “adjudicated”. Not sure why an “unadjudicated” poly would be in any system, but it was and was affirmed by some agencies that it was adjudicated and told by others that it was not. It realky is a bad system and leaves a person in limbo. In clearances, you hace to accept that noone knows it all and there really does seem to be no regulated practice or policies that go for all agencies. I know it’s shitty news, but ot’s been my bad experience and sounds like yours.

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The security process on some levels is a systematic failure. It gets most people through but at a cost of placing many good people in tough situations with no clear path forward. I believe that’s part of the reason why there is such a big push to revamp the process.

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