Clearance Reinstatement and Rehires

Does anyone have any experience in being rehired by your original clearance holder and expected timelines?

For background, I interned at a three letter agency last summer and received my TS/SCI from said agency. I was fortunate to get an offer for full time employment there after the completion of my grad degree. In November 2018 I received a Conditional Final Job Offer and submitted my SF86c in that same month. I was slated to start in January of this year, but I keep being told that “security is swamped” and that we have to wait for my clearance to be reinstated before an official EOD. Shouldn’t this be a fairly simple step to reinstate my clearance? I’m curious if anyone has gone through similar troubles.

Nothing at a three letter agency is simple . . .

It is probably a fairly simple process but you need to wait your turn. There are probably several thousand clearance packages for them to work on that take a bit more work than yours.

Appreciate the responses. Guess its just hard to be patient for the second time. Thanks to you both.