Closed investigation wait

Follow up to this post: Delayed file delivery?

9 weeks ago, my agency said they called DCSA who advised my investigation was closed and that they were waiting for DCSA to send my file over for adjudication. For clarification, I am in the process for a non-DoD agency so its my particular agency that does adjudication and not DCSA.

My question: Is this type of delay between case closing and getting the files sent to my agency for adjudication normal? My agency had advised 9 weeks ago that DCSA told them it would only be a couple weeks to get it sent over, but 9 weeks later they are still waiting.

In my experience, any time you have to move files/data between agencies it introduces a sort of wild card effect. There are a number of non-DoD agencies that used to rely on OPM for investigations which still use DCSA. You’d think this process would be ironed out by now but of course you’ve got summer vacation to deal with and in the federal government, if Joe is out on vacation nobody can possibly take over his work while he’s gone (or at least that’s how it often seems to work).

And depending on your time scale, nine weeks could be a “couple” of weeks :roll_eyes: even though it is getting close to a couple of months.

It’s definitely a little frustrating. Especially since I know file transfer is all digital nowadays.

Yes but somebody still has to log on and check their queue and release the message and somebody else has to log on and accept the message and so on and so forth…