Considering an Army MOS which requires TS

I’m 23 with a clean record, no traffic violations, and no credit issues. A couple years ago I had a rough ending with my then employer. I was involved in an argument with a manager (not my manager, but one from a different department), and things got loud. Nothing physical, just a verbal altercation. I am aware that in order to obtain a TS, investigators will be very thorough when sifting through my background. As someone who has never gone through this process before I was wondering if this would be a problem? Any insight would be great. Thanks.

You said the job had a rough ending, but did not indicate the reason for leaving the employer. If you were terminated because of the argument then as long as you are totally forthright in disclosing the required information asked for and there is no pattern of employment misconduct then it should not present a problem.

Thank you very much for your reply, it’s greatly appreciated. I left the job because of that incident and I will certainly be up front if asked about it.