Contacted AGAIN and now I'm confused!

Hi everyone!

So, I just received another contact from someone who says she’s a suitability adjudicator assigned to my case. She is requesting updated information for something I marked yes to for a debt on the OF-306.

I am so confused now because the attachment that she sent me was INITIAL correspondence that I sent the local HR, BUT, on March 10, someone else from OCHR contacted me about the same thing to which I sent subsequent correspondence.

So, what I’m saying is I’m sending correspondence today that I have sent on March 10 to someone from the same agency.

Does this mean my case is being reassigned to another person?!

The only difference I can see off hand is that she is addressing herself as a “suitability adjudicator” and the last guy didn’t address himself as that. But, their titles are the same on the signature and from the same agency- OCHR San Diego.

Another note is that I also already had an interview with a BI on March 24 and submitted comprehensive documentation on March 27.

Is this process going backwards?!

Please, please any input on what you suppose may be happening.

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This can happen with some
Agencies, especially concerning debt. It sounds like they are looking to see if there has been any change in the debt status (how much have you paid down as time has passed).


Hi there,

So, it could OCHR to follow up on possibly how much was paid down and not the investigator? After telling her that all of this was asked of me and gave her dates, she apologized for the duplicate query. But it makes me wonder why all of a sudden it seems someone is “just picking up my case” if that’s the case.

I have paid $10k to the debt in two months. I hope all goes well and they see that I am rigorously taking care of it.

I was told it was pending adjudication from local HR. Do you know what agency does the adjudication? Or is there anything else that could be analyzed from this. Submission to BI was 3/27.

Thanks so much!

Different agencies have different arrangements for adjudication. Yes, different people associated with your clearance investigation can contact you. Without knowing more behind the scenes info about your investigation etc there isn’t really a way to tell you anything definitive.
A colleague of mine had their case held in adjudication for a couple of months while giving them the chance to follow through and pay down debt as they claimed they would during their interview. I suspect if they hadn’t paid down the debt as expected they would have been denied. So his case was technically in the adjudication stage that entire time. It was not an investigator that called to follow up.

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It sounds like a screw up to me. When further information or clarification is needed the reviewer or adjudicator usually sends the request back to the initial investigator and then you’re re-ontacted by the original investigator who did the case paper review. I’ve worked for all agencies at one time or another and that’s how it usually works.

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You’re reading way too much into this.

You simply need to respond in the manner requested, provide any documentation (if asked), and provide a complete response prior to the deadline (if given one.)

Some agencies will close your case if you do not respond.

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Could it be that I followed up with local HR and asked if they can send another follow-up to OCHR in SD on the status and when they did so, the agency said ‘oh, we need to get on this…’ and assigned someone else to the case?

I informed the woman that another agent from her agency sent me the same request and then informed her that I already had an interview with a BI. She apologized for the duplicate request…

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It could literally mean you’re just being assigned a new adjudicator for whatever reason.

During my last PR, I was assigned one particular adjudicator and spoke with her on two occasions. She requested a couple docs, so I gave them to my PSO, who uploaded them into the system. Two months after they were uploaded (my PSO showed me a screen shot of it), a totally different adjudicator called me requesting the same docs be faxed to her.

Concerned me more that there was some loss of communication behind the scenes than anything else.

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Adjudication often uses multiple level of reviews by multiple people. There are trainee adjudicators and senior adjudicators and senior supervisory adjudicators.

When case loads are high, assignments can get re-assigned.

If someone starts a case but then leaves the job, another adjudicator steps in.

If someone takes medical leave…
If… and on and on.

It’s really that simple.

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That’s exactly what I’m afraid of–that lack of communication.

Btw, what’s PR?

Periodic Reinvestigation, for agencies that aren’t yet putting their people into Continuous Eval.

The thing is, you won’t hear anything unless and until they want you to. It could be “nothing, nothing, nothing, done” or someone will reach out if they need anything else.