Contacting Employers on OF0306

I applied for a job that is considered low-risk and no clearance required. I had to submit an OF0306 , and I listed two federal jobs I was terminated from.

Job #1 - I was terminated from a position due to matter not related to work. I was never given a letter of termination, and my SF-50 it states L2M 315.804.

Job #2 - I was dealing with harassment, and management never did anything to address the problems. They terminated me base off lies, and used L2M 315.804.

On my OF0306 I listed Poor Performance for reason terminated. I was hoping to get the SF-85 EQIP invite after to provide more details. I did provide HR the detail information not submitted on my OF0306. They have the agency side of the story. HR said they will not share the information with selecting official. It will be reviewed by a security specialist. The selecting official never contacted my references on my resume. The weird thing is that they are requesting the selecting official to contact my former employer on the OF0306.

Is this normal?