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Hi Guys,

I was hoping there were some CSRA BIs that could answer some questions for me about the security clearance process. I was recently hired by CSRA as a Background Investigator. The recruiter I’m working with at CSRA doesn’t seem to know the security clearance process. He says that he predicts that I will be given a start date in November after OPM clears me. Since it’s TS, do I initially get an interim security clearance as they continue the investigation for my TS? I haven’t been contacted by OPM yet or been given the chance to fill out an SF-86 but I’ve done all the pre-employment steps with CSRA (including drug test).

Could anyone shed some light on the process? My recruiter at CSRA has done a poor job thus far and any clarification would be helpful.

CSRA Training class

@zippy34 I’m not with CSRA, I’m in a holding pattern to start training with SCIS. From the date I certified my E-Qip to the date I received notification I passed my background and could start training was a little over three months (and that was with SCIS paying the $5k to “expedite” mine). Hope that info helps…


@purgatory How long after getting a conditional offer from SCIS did OPM reach out to get you to fill out E-Quip? I feel like I should have heard back from them already. I did the CSRA drug test 2 weeks ago and submitted all the information to do a basic background check (credit, criminal, driving record, etc.)


@zippy34 I certified and sent my E-Qip on 05/05/17. The assigned OPM investigator contacted me apprx one week later, and I met with her about one week after that. I received notice on 08/15/2017, that I was approved to work the contract and start training. I’d note that I was not contacted by OPM or my investigator for a letter of explanation to clarify any discrepancies found in my investigation, so I’m guessing that’s about the normal work flow.


I do work for CSRA and unfortunalty we do have some new recruiters that are not familiar with this contract. This contract is different than most. Once you sign your offer letter this should get the ball rolling. You will receive a separate email from the security department that will include the instructions in how to fill out the equip then you will also have to submit fingerprints. Once you have this submitted your equip it is a waiting game with OPM (although investigators are being expedited due to the need). If there are any issues that need to be resolved on your case it will take longer to get cleared. Right now due to the need they are giving interim clearances to individuals to get them in class. You will be interviewed at some point. Let me know if you have any other questions.


@Notaverage306 ank God I got a person working for CSRA. I signed my offer letter weeks ago. I did my drug test and filled out other paperwork 2 weeks ago. I haven’t heard from the security department yet to fill out my E-Quip or to submit fingerprints. That’s mainly what I’m inquiring about. I feel like I should have heard by now. Is there anyone you would recommend I speak to?

Here’s my timeline just as a reference:

Interviewed and got verbal offer the last week of August

Accepted and signed offer the first week of September/filled out basic pre-employment paper work

Drug test mid September

My recruiter sends the same email on Fridays:

“Happy Friday!”

“I hope that you are doing well. This is with CSRA just checking in with you to let you know that you are still in the clearance process with the OPM. It shouldn’t be too much longer now. As soon as I hear back from OPM with approval to set your start date, either myself or a member from our team here at CSRA will be in touch with you. In the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if your situation has changed. Have a good weekend!”

Maybe you can shed some more light on this situation for me. I appreciate you giving me advice and information!


I would have thought you should have received the paperwork. I would reach out to your recruiter and see if he can provide you guidance. I would let him know that you have NOT filled out your equip nor have you completed your fingerprints. Without these items they can’t start the investigation. By chance do you already have a clearance? I do not handle new FI’s but deal mainly with cred hires. What state will you be working in?


Yeah I haven’t received the paperwork. My recruiter hasn’t been much help. But there is another person who seems to be high up and in HR that I’ve interacted with in the past that I could contact. Are HR Administrators worth getting in contact with? I’ve been wondering why my recruiter says I’m in the clearance process without filling out a E-Quip or submitting fingerprints. I would need to get an E-Quip filled out just to get an interim clearance, right?

I do not already have a clearance. I’ll be working in Northern Virginia covering the DC area.


I would assume so. As far as I know they don’t do interim clearances on BI’s due to the level of our position and the need to ensure we’re completely vetted; but that’s just conjecture on my part.


Ok I did a little digging with some of my contacts in HR and there are a few processes that need to be completed before they can even start the equip. Once those are completed and are acceptable then you will receive the equip and instructions from security. I hope that helps let me know if you have any issues.


Hello I am too in the same situation. I have accepted my offer and have completed my drug test and all paperwork for the internal background stuff with CSRA but have not heard anything yet regarding completing my opm federal check yet. I have contacted my recruiter but she doesn’t know any info on it. I have tried emailing my other contact but no response either. I’m guessing if we need a top secret it is going to be a long time since I have not done or been invited to do my e qip yet. Hopefully will get an interm clearance so I can start the training sooner than later or else it might be months and months away.


I appreciate your follow-up. So I emailed my HR contact about this situation and her response was to CC my recruiter and say that he could answer my questions.

Here was my recruiter’s response which was surprisingly helpful:
“At this moment in time we’re advising candidates to allow at least 90 days for their SSBI to process. Yours was submitted mid September so I estimate it’ll be complete by mid-December. Keep in mind this is an estimate however, it may be completed sooner or later.”

“For the fingerprints you should be receiving a FedEx envelope in the mail and an e-mail with e-qip information and fingerprint instructions. It might be another week or so to get that information though. Let me know if you have any other questions.”

So it looks like I have week or so until I get access to fill out my eqip and do my fingerprints.

I really appreciate you helping me out and guiding me. I’ll see what happens in the next few weeks and comment here again I’m still in limbo.


I’m glad I’m not the only person struggling at the moment. See my most recent response to Notaverage306, and that’s most likely the situation you’re in. I’d say we have 1-3 weeks before filling out the eqip and getting our finger prints submitted.


@Mstuart and @zippy34 Yes please be patient as you are early in the process. Due to the sensitivity of the position we need to make sure all boxes are marked before we can continue. Until security receives the go ahead regarding the commercial background investigation (completely different than the OPM investigation) the recruiters can’t provide a timeline. The actual background investigation for OPM will take some time depending on your background. Nothing is ever fast when it comes to on boarding especially when you are not cleared. If you haven any other questions let me know.


I just wanted to check in to see if you were still waiting to fill out your eqip forms and get your finger prints done? I still haven’t heard anything from OPM or got anything in the mail. I just sent an email to my recruiter just to let him know where I’m at and to see if there’s any updates he can give me.


I finally received my fingerprints last week and completed the e qip last Thursday. I got notification that csra got my fingerprints back and I am now waiting for opm to schedule my background investigation. Not sure how long that will take. I have read horror stories online where people are waiting over a year for theirs. Hope that’s not the case for us.


That’s awesome! Congrats. Hope that goes by quickly. I contacted my recruiter and he said that he forwarded the message to CSRA security team and will let me know what they say as soon as he gets a response. I’m hoping I can get everything filled out before November. Wish me luck!


I had received offer letter from CSRA and completed my EQUIP Nov’16. I had secret clearance and since I left the contract more than 3 years it got expired. My interim clearance was denied and it’s almost 11 months since I had submitted my equip. No updates yet. After reading the time line I’m still within the period. Hopefully, your case may move fast. Again, everything depends upon how you submit your equip and your background.


Sorry to bother you again. But could I ask when you accepted an offer from CSRA and did your drug test and how long after you got your finger prints and eqip invitation? I’m trying to get a timeline estimate. It’s really hard to be patient when I feel like the commercial background shouldn’t take that long.


No problem zippy. I got the verbal offer early august. The written offer august 31. Then drug test a week later. Got the e qip instructions 10/9 and the fingerprint package a couple days after. I just resubmitted my e qip a couple days ago due to a few errors they caught. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I’m hoping for an interim to pass so the wait time is less for training. I was told interims are taking about 90 days.