Debit card withdrawals disabled while traveling

I’m currently awaiting adjudication on a TS. I had my investigation 9 months ago.I had an expired passport during my investigation and they asked if I had plans to travel or renew my passport. I told them I had no current plans but my girlfriend at the time and I do enjoy traveling.

I have since gotten engaged, married, renewed my passport, and am currently on my honeymoon. I could not report this to anyone of the investigation as the investigator told me he would be the only one to contact me and not the other way around.

I have two different banks and my wife has another. All three of our debit cards are restricted from withdrawing money in Europe. I’ve used many different ATMs and it’s always the same for everyone of my cards. I’ve talked with the bank and I already have it set up so I can travel and use them. When I called the banks had no idea why and have never seen this happen.

Could there be a freeze on my and my wife’s debit account because I’m traveling outside the country while awaiting clearance? Is that even a possibility? I feel like that is a paranoid theory but I’m clearly at a loss for words on why two of my bank debit cards and my wife’s debit card won’t work at any of the different banks in England and everyone is telling me I should be able to withdrawal fine. I’ve notified the banks of my out of country trip dates but everything still fails. I’m at a loss for words, and pounds.


You need to take this up with your banks and have to consider that you may have been hacked or suffered identity theft.

The government will not freeze your accounts, debit cards, or credit cards because you are going through a background investigation.

I travel a lot --my cards often get frozen when I forget to let my bank know i am traveling outside my normal area. This might have happened to you,