Debt on credit cards

I have around 4000 thousand dollars credit on 4 different cards . I will soon be going for an SCI, would this amount be a flag ?. Having been paying more the minimum amount. Nothing went to collection agency. Please advise.

If you are not in collections that removes one big red flag. Not to say they won’t ask about it. Paying off more than the minimum is a big plus. Maybe you could put together some kind of plan or forecast as to when you expect to have it all paid off, that would be something to show the investigator if they ask about it.

From what I have seen/read it more maters if you abuse your credit. IE using to much of it or missing payments. If you have 4k in debt but have 20k in total credit. Then I would not worry to much.

By 4000 thousand dollars, do you mean that you actually owe $4 million?