Delayed Clearance. Unable to advance

I got my new position during Oct. of 2015.
I received my interim secret quickly.
Until today (01/13/17), I do NOT have my secret clearance…

Colleagues of mine already have a TS! And they started after me. I have also interviewed for three of my friends/colleagues. Yet, none of my friends I listed have been contacted as of today.

I am unable to apply for better jobs that require an active secret so I’m basically stuck in my tracks.
I have been literally affected if you want to blame the hacks for the terrible delay. In short foreign hackers impacted my career as a regular citizen.

My security rep is probably tired of me as I email him monthly for an update. He simply says “still in open status…”

Is there Anyway I could follow up on mine besides bothering my security rep?


  • Wess

Well foreign hackers were part of it but a lot of people have submitted since then and things aren’t going much faster.

I’ve been waiting a long time for a periodic update to be finally granted. Others have had their PR packets submitted after me and long since approved. There’s a few of us stuck in some kind of limbo.

Fortunately you did get an interim, so that is one point in the plus column.

Emailing monthly does not sound unreasonable. But they probably won’t be able to provide you any update until the final comes through.

It sucks.

Best answer we get is “In Process.” A long period of delay should not be interpreted as a bad omen. If an applicant moved a lot, had many foreign connections, significant credit issues, or character references spread over the USA…it requires much more effort. I would begin to request a trace if it is for a routine Secret and now hitting 16 months with no action. AT times contacting a case manager seems to shake a package loose.