Detrimental information in JPAS

I was recently terminated without cause from my job as a contractor in October 2018. I have a TS-SCI (for 29 years). The terminating employer said that a note was put in JPAS saying there was an incident. He didn’t provide any other information. I received zero paperwork explaining why I was terminated and my termination letter said that I was being terminated without cause and was welcome to reapply to another position in the company. Verbally, I was told it was due to mistakes I made on a travel voucher. The kicker is that I was in the middle of my periodic review. I had submitted my SF86 and was awaiting my interview. I am sure the company stopped the process.
My questions are the following:

Do I have any recourse to have it removed?

How do I find out specifically what is annotated in JPAS?

Also what is the official status of my clearance right now?

I have a new position with a very new start-up company that will at some point require a clearance. I appreciate any advice.

Hmmm…they put in writing they terminated you for no cause? If it is a right to work state they can fire for any reason. But it would seem a 29 year track record would justify an explanation. Were you aware you made a “mistake” as you phrased it on a travel voucher? How big of a "mistake? There is over claiming a tip, and then there is submitting inflated costs or a bogus receipt. That could be a much bigger item. If you are reapplying you would need report the JPASS comment that you do not yet know how it reads. I would be completely honest and hide nothing. Normally if a person files a fraudulent travel voucher there is an investigation, and an opportunity to explain the situation. Perhaps it was a mistake or it was far more than a mistake?

Thank you for your response. Yes, they put in writing “without cause” with zero explanation of the reason for termination. I got lazy on my voucher over the course of six months deployed overseas. I submitted a voucher weekly using a nongovernment travel program. I was constantly switching lbetween two locations and instead of putting down exact dates matching exact locations, I just divided the days in half for each location.

Is there anything I can do in advance of a resubmittal such as hiring a lawyer versed in security clearance to try and clear it up?

Timeclock fraud is huge for the government. Dealing with a charge against a current employee. You had your best shot with a wrongful termination case possibly. But if in a right to work state…they can terminate at any time for any reason. However if you can demonstrate you followed procedures as trained…it may mitigate the concern. My first contract company was fanatical about charging to the correct account. If I had an afternoon conversation related to the morning project, I had to figure a way to capture and charge on that contract charge number. Other companies are not quite so strict. In this situation your time was clearly watched and disputed.