Did ISN finally fold? What’s up with the rest?

Boston. Very interesting but not surprising. I am a former USIS AND CACI investigator/federal investigator/and now thankfully and completely out of this screwed up industry! The lack of communication from CACI management is unbelievable but typical. For anyone in this industry as a contractor I would highly suggest you run as far away and as fast away as you can! The federal side is not as bad but it’s still pretty screwed up.

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Wow - as an F/T CACI BI, this is news to me. I have no work and very limited hours, but have not been told to return cases (or told anything official). I have been on unemployment for about a month.

Does the writing have to be any brighter??

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SCIS has a slow trickle of cases coming in. Every two to three days maybe two new cases added to my load - DCSA stuff.

No details about when the modified schedules will return to normal. Just a guess, nothing known on this but It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if SCIS uses the COVID-19 situation as an excuse to create a new normal - FT is now 32 hrs per week or something like that - something better for the shareholders: less employment wages to pay out but the same productivity expected.

The stage for such a guess seems to be getting a backdrop in place. “Encouragement” emails have been pushing the gold standard along with the CARES act team looking find resolutions for the displaced or impacted workers.

Is a return to 40 per week only a dream?

Not sure anything can improve until everything reopens.


After today’s email a coworker and I said the exact same thing about the emails setting the stage. Hope it’s wrong so I don’t have to go back to Keypoint/Perspecta haha but I will in a heartbeat. In fact I should apply now to beat the rush… bye bye scis.

Can contract BI’s file for unemployment under the current CARES act for 1099’s? Even if work is still coming in, but at a dramatically reduced rate?

The recorded message for CA UIB says you can apply for unemployment because of covid even if you don’t qualify for UIB under the regular rules. Not sure what that means exactly but it sounds like you can apply if all states are the same.

Regarding Perspecta, received word today that they are reducing our field work hours down to 35 per hour week but will be allowing us to complete training to make up for the remaining 5 hours.

As bad as some people think Perspecta is, at least they seem to be trying hold on to their BI work force as much as possible while competitors have had many layoffs.

However, my case load as of the last couple of weeks have been pretty bare bones, I’ve only had about 3 - 5 cases at any given time since the beginning of April. They basically explained that DCSA is barely processing new cases because of a limited work force due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Good luck to everyone out there


Yes you can file for unemployment. In NY, the process is you file for regular UI, if you are denied, them you can file for Stimulus UI. I was already collecting regular UI after a layoff for GDIT, but when I started 1099 work, I claimed the one or two days a week I had worked and was still able to collected a reduced UI as it was considered part-time and making less than the $540 weekly UI. When the Stimulus UI started, I was automatically enrolled.

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Hello, Defender 66,

I certainly apologize for not holding an all-hands call to announce my departure. Although we knew PMO changes were coming–we’d been shrinking since September 2019–it did come up suddenly. We notified only my team and the PMO. If he hasn’t already done so, I suspect Brian S will let everyone know if a future all-hands call.

By far, ISN is the best company for whom I’ve ever worked. We did challenge the industry culture, placed value on people and meant what we said about open communication. I know they will continue doing so going forward.

My best to all. Do good. Be kind. Fear nothing,


Hello, all,

ISN has not folded. Granted, the DCSA program is undergoing all the turmoil as all other vendors. ISN has multiple contracts and and is continually looking to expand that portfolio. The company will be fine.

Compared to other vendors, ISN’s DCSA BI program was growing tremendously, then the changes hit and we shrank. There was no longer a need for five directors, a large PMO, and 475+ FIs. The downsizing began in August 2019 and has been on-going. The only thing that will save the program in its current state will be the strong partnership with the ISN prime and the backlog of initial cases now building due to COVID-19.

By the way, I’m bent but not broken. I wish everyone the very best now and always. If I can help in any way, please contact me.

Stay safe and healthy,


Thanks for your transparency! Yes, ISN is by far the best company and you, by far, the best boss! I would still be there had this mess not started and I hope they rebound!


Russ give us a powerful story! We need it right now! :heart:


How refreshing! Maybe the other companies that lay this claim will follow through and truthfully represent those words.


ISN was a good company to work for. I was an IC for them for a couple years. ISN wasn’t organized with their invoicing process and their constant barrage of emails with no central repository was annoying but overall they treated Investigators with professionalism which is a heck of a lot better than what CACI and Perspecta can say for themselves. I believe ISN would have continued to treat people the best that worked for them because their management were all cast offs from USIS , Perspecta, and CACI that witnessed and observed personally how destructive and divisive those companies are.

I wish they were still around but the industry is going down a bad road with CE now in place and the other two major vendors (CACI and Perspecta) are hemorrhaging within the last year. I forsee DCSA not using any vendors once CE is in place across all agencies. It will be entirely a federal function.

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I think you are right I just don’t see a future or a large future for contractors. Despite that I have been one for many years and feel this should have always been a federal function. I have always been astounded that we carry this silver badge. I just wonder though why so many of the other agencies don’t use feds for their investigations? I have never heard of CBP, ICE, UNI…using feds? Why is that?

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Well DHS (CBP and ICE) to include all of the Intel agencies, FBI, ATF, USAID, and State Department don’t have near the volume of work that OPM/NBIB/DCSA has so they really couldn’t keep a F/T federal agent busy in most areas of the country. With the old OPM contract, 90% or more of all federal agencies use this investigative arm to conduct their federal background investigations. That is hundreds of federal agencies going through OPM/NBIB/DCSA for the investigations to be completed and accounts for all of the DOD work and DOD contract work, all of the Department or Energy work throughout the country to also include all of the public trust positions with the Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Interior, etc.

My hope is that DCSA dumps the vendors (CACI, Perspecta, and SCIS) and uses IC’s as direct federal contractors (no middle man vendor) just like the the FBI, Dept. of State, and ATF uses IC’s in this manner. It’s the best way. It also saves the government tax payers a third or more of what they pay the vendors to do this work. It’s a no brainer. OPM were just cowards and incompetent to ever set up such a program with direct federal contractors. I hope DCSA is more intelligent.

Anyone that has worked in this business know that the vendors corrupt the process. The vendors treat Investigators horribly minus ISN. The vendors rape and pillage the Investigator and suck every ounce of blood like a vampire from the Investigator through over assigning them, over working them, underpaying Investigators, threatening us, holding unattainable metrics and stats over us, and the list could go on and on. I’ve worked for them all. I have first hand experience. In fact, I do believe in less than 5 years, DCSA will dump all the vendor relationships and initiate a direct federal contract program to allow IC’s to provide the ancillary support on this DCSA contract once CE is up and running and there will be no need for these big vendors on the contract any longer. That will be a happy and blessed day for me because I’ll be sitting pretty with an existing SAM account and other existing direct federal contracts that I currently have. I’m just waiting out the self destruction of the vendors and it will happen. When it does, I’ll take advantage of the opportunity.


@Duetooversight, Spot on! I just have a few additions.

CACI is doing an internal competitive ranking system with it’s investigators. They call it the tier system with tier 4 at the bottom. If you are a tier 4, you are not assigned work unless all the other investigators are full on work. There is no transparency based on what the team numbers are, you are only told (if you are told) which tier you are in. I believe it’s the way to force out investigators without announcing that they are downsizing.

This has been the worst job that I have ever had in my life. I have never been treated so badly before. The stress is ridiculous they put on us and expect us to perform better? My hat is off to all the investigators out there still doing this work. You are doing important work and is well appreciated by other investigators that know what you do everyday! Good luck to you all.


You should leave F/T hourly work and become an IC and leave DCSA altogether if you want to stay in this industry. I wouldn’t tolerate their silly ranking system. What a slap in the face.

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ISN is still clicking! Just trudging along and surviving looking to come out on the other side intact…