Difference between OPM issue code 7B and 7D

I was fired from a previous employment 6 years ago. During an unfinished SSBI investigation 5 years ago, the OPM issue code was 7B because somebody faked the whole story. For the current secret level process, I provided my side of story along with the comments from the manager in charge at that time. Then the issue code becomes 7D now. Could this OPM 7D issue code possibly generate a LOI? Besides, what does D assessment mean?

Unfortunately the honesty issue code seems to be a real black art that I, and many others I’m sure, would like to know what the real story is! Because, for instance, when a recruiter fills out a subjects paperwork and we have to submit that the recruiter “falsified” because of it, that is an automatic 07 code of some sort, but it goes on that particular subject’s investigation, which I have NEVER agreed with. Why wouldn’t that “falsification” code go back on that particular recruiter’s own background, instead of that subject? It’s not that subject’s fault that their recruiter screwed them because they didn’t know their own job like they should! This is the idiocy of this field, that recruiters and security managers who are the first line starting point in this all, are NOT PROPERLY TRAINED in their own jobs and make this whole thing infinitely way worse than it should be! Sorry that doesn’t answer your question, but just trying to give some insight.