Dismissed charges, mitigation advice and insight on Tier 3 Investigation appreciated

I have tenure earned with the government with a lands agency. I am human and have some mistakes from the past few years. All dismissed misdemeanors. 2 dismissed misdemeanors for MJ possession and paraphernalia possession. Both of these will be removed from my record in July since they happened in a state where MJ is now legal. I did not have a security clearance when they happened in 2017. Also had a nasty divorce where my ex had me charged with if harassment and a PO in 2019 The harassment charge was dismissed and the PO is over. What do you think, can I pass a tier 3? How do I mitigate a harassment charge?

Tenure in the civil service implies you’re old enough to know better.

Dismissed doesn’t mean it never happened.

Legal in such and such state doesn’t matter. You’re applying for federal employment and marijuana is illegal federally.


I’m sorry but you’re not being helpful.

First, if you are currently in the civil service you would have had a minimum of a Tier 1 done already and there is no reinvestigation required. Second, if your charges are three years old with no recent similar behavior then it should not be an issue to pass a Tier 1.

Nah. I’m helpful.

You just don’t like answers that you don’t want to hear.


As Harpoon said, dismissed doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Complete your SF86 accurately & truthfully. You will be asked during your interview about what/when/why you had an illegal drug in your possession.

As he also said: it doesn’t matter if a state has legalized MJ, it is illegal for a federally-cleared person. Medicinal MJ is illegal.

It will be looked at as part of your Total Person picture, that you had an illegal substance in your possession not once, but twice. Presumably in a situation where you weren’t just smoking a small amount in your home. Likewise, the Domestic situation - you’ll need to explain what happened.

Part of what an investigation may ask during your interview: WHAT happened, WHY it happened, HOW it could have been avoided, and WHO knows about it? Your answers will paint the picture of the possible risk giving you access to classified presents.

I understand it’s illegal. It was one encounter with 2 charges. I only mentioned it happened in a state where it is now legal as this allows me to get the charges expunged. This was previously not allowed until recent reform.

The mj charges are almost 4 years old but the domestic charge is only 2. I was charged with harassment only for texting my ex after being asked to stop. I was emotional and was trying to save my marriage but he called the cops. He dropped the charges before it went to trial. The charge was dismissed but I was still finger printed so it’s definitely on my record. Because it never went to trial didn’t have a chance to defend myself. I have tried to mitigate this dark period in my through constant counseling and psychiatric support. I no longer have contact with this ex as he tried to ruin my life and reputation.