Do I need to report vicodin and oxycodone ?

Hi everyone,

I currently filling 85P and 85PS. When I searched old topics came across some questions about those drugs. I had 2 c-section before and was prescribed vicodin(5 years ago) and oxycodone(2 years ago) after surgeries for pain. I really did not think that I needed to report those but now I feel confused after read some info here.

Appreciate if someone could clarify

If they were prescribed for YOU and you did not abuse them, sell them or give them away, I do not believe that you need to report them.

Exactly what Ed said. If you abused it you would report it the same as if you used any other illegal drug.

No abuse. Just used them for couple days after I had my c-sections. Thanks for the answers

You would not need to report use of opiates; vicodin and oxycodone, if:

  1. They were prescribed to you by a physician
  2. You took them as prescribed
  3. You did not abuse the medication
    4… You did not become addicted to the extent you required a treatment program
  4. You did not sell, manufacture or traffic in the medication
    I hope this helps.
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Thank you. I only used them as prescribed