Do I need to self report traffic tickets?

I have a pretty clean background for the most part, but last week, I was pulled over for the first time by an officer and given the following three tickets and I’m not sure whether these need to be reported.

  • Speeding 24mph over the limit ($144 fine + $66 court fee)
  • Improper use of high beams ($30 fine + $15 court fee)
  • Broken brake light ($30 fine + $15 court fee, going to traffic court next month to get this ticket dismissed since the officer noted that if I bring proof that I fixed it, I can have the ticket dismissed)

None of these tickets individually cross the $300 traffic fine threshold, and the individual fines only add up to $204, but if you add the court fees, I’m paying $300 on the dot combined for these tickets (well, $255 once I get the broken brake light ticket fixed). I was served three separate tickets/summons’ by the officer who pulled me over, so they’re listed as three separate cases on my state’s court system.

Do I l need to self report this? Are they listed as one combined incident or are they listed as separate ones? I’m really confused by this and it’s not super clear if I’m only supposed to count the fines or the fines + court fees.

Oh and also, do I need to report going to traffic court? It doesn’t seem like I need to since it’s not classified as civil or criminal court, but I wanted to double check too

These seem like questions that only your FSO should be answering…

The OF306 and the SF questionnaires are very clear about what needs to be reported. Read the instructions literally and answer literally.

If the fines add up to be “less than” $300 and did not involve alcohol or drugs they are not required to be listed. So if each citation is different and separate from each other and under $300.00, then it is not required to be listed.

If each individual fine (with court costs) add up to be more than $300 for each individual citation (with court cost fees), then you’d want to list the information.

Hope this helps.

so to confirm, it’s a no for both?

Only you know your background and the answers to the security questions.

Based upon what you are advising here…all three citations are separate from each other and are under $300.00 and not required to be listed on the Questionnaire.