DoD Interview Completed. Concerned about PTSD

The investigator interview went very well by all accounts. He was very pleasant throughout without a hint that something might be amiss. Yet, he ended the conversation with, “I think we can get this processed very quickly. Thank you” and I am concerned that my disclosing PTSD to him (from an auto accident in 2005 and a disclosed DUI felony from the accident that was later vacated after the prosecuting attorney was disbarred.).

The concern isn’t the felony or the accident. I have never before or since been involved legally or arrested, not even a parking ticket. My concern is disclosing the PTSD from the accident. It was a slip of tongue. I know that bi-polar and other mental sorts of issues are qualifiers. I’m wondering if I disqualified myself mentioning PTSD. He did not pursue the topic. Did not ask for medical records (this is in my Primary Care medical record. It isn’t a secret.) I take a minimal dose of Klonapin to help for anxiety.

Welcome any thoughts on this subject.

PTSD from military service by itself is not an issue. You don’t even have to report it.

IF your PTSD manifests itself in other behaviors, such as self medicating with alcohol or violent episodes at work, then it becomes an issue.

The felony DUI is an issue even if the PA was disbarred. The behavior is the issue we investigator.

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Thank you for the feedback. The other behaviors are not an issue for me. The DUI was disclosed although I was never charged with DUI and received my driver’s license back a week after the accident. My main focus in the interview was the trauma of the event, the fact that I take complete responsibility for it, and my regret at my poor judgement. The fact that no one was seriously injured doesn’t excuse the behavior 15 years ago. Didn’t really focus on the disbarred prosecutor except to respond to a few questions the investigator he was interested in such as the man’s name.

My focus in the interview, other than accepting responsibility, were the facts that I recovered from this horrific event, regained my place in society, and even passed the CPA exam and became a CPA almost 3 decades after college. Also, no other legal infractions exist, before or after. I was as open and honest as I could be. I just didn’t know if the PTSD that the trauma of the accident left me with was an issue by its mention. He did continue on with the interview as if it had not even been mentioned.

Thank you for the reply. It is truly appreciated to know that is it isn’t a disqualifier in and of itself!